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Disney Executive Testifies that Amber Heard's Editorial in the Washington Post, Was Not the Reason they Dropped Depp from Pirates.

A female lawyer retained to write a pre-nuptial agreement, says Johnny Depp called her a bitch and fired her.

Angela Shaw is part of communications dept at Disney. She said that her job was to keep them appraised of developments with Johnny Depp, because he was a star. My notes follow:

Letter from UK that labelled Johnny Depp a wife beater. Disney scraps plans for JD's return in Disneys POTC 6. Article entitled Johnny Depp the insane story of a star in crisis, and his Missing Millions."

Are you aware of any document in the Disney database containing Amber's op ed from 2018? No. Are you aware of any decision maker not casting JD in POTC6, due to Amber's op ed?

No. No one has ever said they were not considering JD for Pirate 6 due to Amber's op ed.

An expert testified on the frequency of certain hashtags relating to Depp and Heard, as they appeared in Social Media.

#hoax, #fraud, #fake, #amberturd, #justiceforjohnny, #justiceforjohnnydepp #ihateamber. Were these search terms in some way prompted by Waldman?

You have no idea whether this has to do with the allegedly defamatory statements?

You've identified all of these as negative for Ms. Heard. Justice for Johnny Depp is not negative for Ms. Heard in fact, is it?

Do you have an opinion as to whether #justiceforjohnnydepp is a good thing?

Mr. Schnell on the witness stand, testified as to frequency of various hashtags that appeared in social media.

The tweets that had the #justiceforjohnnydepp, all the tweets were negative for Amber Heard.

Over 25%, 1 in 4 #waldman #waldmanyoung were negative for Ms. Heard % of the time.

Head of the Estate Planning group for Venable, Ms. Mulroney

He was very mean to me, he fired me and called me a bitch. I thought he was under the influence. He was slurring his words, and his speech pattern was the same as my children when they were under the influence.

I told him I had to hang up after 2 or 3 minutes, he took me very off guard. It really shook me up.

After that phone call I performed no further services for Ms. Heard in connection with a post nuptial agreement. Neither AH or JD have contacted me again.

Ms. Mulroney Shortly after that phone call my relationship with Ms. Heard, I was terminated. But Depp didn't have the power to fire me.


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