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Ukrainian National Guard Troops Take a Unit of Russian Soldiers Prisoner In Exciting 2 Minute Video

Russian soldiers had guns, but simply choose to lay down their heads covered, and allow the UA to take them prisoner.

In exciting video released to Social Media, Ukrainian National Guard troops taking Russian soldiers as prisoners of war. The scene unfolds in a forest, somewhere in the Donbas from the look of the foliage.

The video doesn't show anyone getting hurt, just a quick negotiated surrender, and then UA soldiers taking Russian soldiers prisoner amidst their pup tents. The Russian soldiers clearly had weapons, but simply choose to lay down and cover their heads with their hands, and allow the UA to take them prisoner.

The video may be seen at:

In the POW scenario, the UA soldiers are heard to say: "Come here!" But the Russian soldiers prefer to lie on the forest floor. "come with your hands up", "do it fucking faster or we'll open fire", "lay your fucking arms on the ground", "come the fuck out", "where did the others go?"

Illia Ponomarenko, a reporter for the Kyiv independent, posted the video to Twitter.

Ukraine has struggled to accommodate all its Russian POWS. Neither country is a signatory of the Third Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, since both countries were part of the USSR in 1949. The USSR did sign it, but it's not clear whether that binds the countries in a war between former Soviet republics.


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