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Santa Monica's Great Lie

Our leaders have left our city almost uninhabitable but they say it's really paradise because it's sunny and we have a beach.

Santa Monica's great lie.

The Mayor has said:

"(...) the benefits we enjoy here, from our pothole-free streets to our glorious beachfront to our wonderful schools."

The oft-repeated mantra is that we should all suffer horrific sales taxes, weak policing (not the fault of the police, but of city hall), overdevelopment of rentals and a dearth of affordable home-ownership, that leaves our residents permanent rent-slaves, is justified because Santa Monica is such a lovely place to live.

In reality it is a dangerous, expensive, traffic blighted dump with close to the highest crime rates in the state.

The schools here are okay, but for the money they should be the best in the world, and they clearly are not with fights and a knife slashing at SaMoHi.

Third Street is a crime-ridden stretch of half-empty stores that should be a showcase to the world. Our trash-strewn alleyways have become public restrooms and drug dens.

Our leaders have left our city almost uninhabitable but they say it's really paradise because it's sunny and we have a beach.

That is the great lie.

Our city leaders did not create the beach or the sunshine, but they use it as an excuse to fail at the most basic civic needs of safe and clean streets and affordable sales taxes - which are the most regressive of all taxes and are imposed by a supposedly progressive council.

Oh, but it's sunny and we have a beach, so it's all okay then.

If you want to reverse our city's decline you must dig deep and fund these Santa Monica city candidates.

Do it now, tomorrow is too late.

We need new representatives who put residents first and are not beholden to special interests from outside the city.

You cannot complain about the terrible crime on the streets and disastrous waste in schools if you do not step up and support candidates who put our residents first.


Armen Melkonians

Lana Negrete

And the PAC for council candidates:


Ester Hickman

Angela DiGaetano

Stacy Rouse

Miles Warner

And the PAC for the school candidates:

Author's note:

This is an opinion piece which was not authorized or paid for by a candidate for an office or a committee controlled by a candidate for an office.


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Donut writes:

I understand your frustration, but, just because a homeless person is asleep on the sidewalk doesn't mean they are passed out from getting high.I mean, they are homeless with no other place to go sleep. It very well could be that they are simply sleeping because they are so tired from being up all night doing drugs. ever think of that, Mr. Judgemental? Yes, that was sarcasm.