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The GMC HUMMER EV 'Malibu Series', curated by Don C and shot on location in the Santa Monica mountains, brings together a unique cast-all leaders in their own fields-to explore the capabilities of the world's first all-electric super-truck. Titled Off-Road Beast, Immersive, Superfast, Design and Next-Gen Electric, each episode has been crafted to put the vehicle and the films' protagonists through their paces.

The GMC HUMMER EV Pickup was revealed in Fall 2020 (1) and has already taken the world by storm, receiving such high interest that reservations for Edition 1 were filled almost instantly in 10 minutes. With up to a GM-estimated 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque, and a 0-60mph time of approximately 3-seconds in Watts To Freedom (2), the HUMMER EV Edition 1 Pickup is in a class of its own. Following his 2021 branded merchandise drop, designer, connector, and curator Don C continue his relationship with GMC in a multifaceted year-long collaboration beginning with his vision for demonstrating the super trucks capabilities. "My whole career and creative point of view has been centered on the revolutionary; exploring this truck's capabilities and getting to put it through its paces and thinking about how we can integrate such an iconic name into the forefront of culture is a dream," said Don C of the collaboration. "Anyone who knows me knows I love cars, and I can't give this one a bigger compliment than I bought one for myself. To be a part of the electric vehicle revolution through my relationship with GMC, complements my narrative on life. The GMC HUMMER EV Malibu Series was my homage to many of the things I love rolled into one: nature, sports, design, music, film and speed."

GMC HUMMER EV 'Malibu Series' NEXT-GEN ELECTRIC STARRING BIG SEAN: Detroit-born and raised, multi-platinum and Grammy nominated artist Big Sean has sold over 30 million records to date and currently has over 20 million monthly Spotify listeners. He is known for his creative point of view on and off the mic. Next-Gen Electric highlights the GMC HUMMER EV's DC Fast Charging capability, allowing it to add nearly 100 miles in 10 minutes (3). After unplugging, Sean heads out onto the Antelope Valley Freeway to demonstrate Super Cruise: the

hands-free driver assistance feature that helps take the stress out of highway driving (4). Using the My Mode feature, Big Sean customizes his driving experience to suit his tastes, selecting from an array of personalizable settings. The film utilizes a fish-eye lens and wide-angle shots to encapsulate what it truly feels like to be in the driver's seat."The GMC HUMMER EV blew me away with its high-tech features & understated luxury. The My Mode feature just adds to the elevated driving experience as a whole." said Big Sean

DESIGN STARRING KELLY WEARSTLER: GMC continues its relationship with the globally renowned American designer, business leader and best-selling author Kelly Wearstler as she showcases the beautiful intricacies of the GMC HUMMER EV. Having earned a spot on numerous respected Top 100 Designer lists and having won multiple global design awards, Kelly has changed the face of American design, paving the way for a new era of hotels, homes and homeware. In Design, Kelly cruises at sunset through her beloved Malibu; it is the perfect backdrop for the aesthetic details of the GMC HUMMER EV.

Exploring the tenet of cohesiveness that influenced the design team behind the vehicle, the episode celebrates some of the vehicle's unique features, including the tech-bronze accents, which radiate jewel-like quality and the signature front lighting. The sleek macro visuals set in slow, steady motion accentuate the finer details, replicating the sophisticated interior and unmistakably iconic exterior of the HUMMER EV. Shot at sunset, the warm glow of the sun paired with the pastel-colored sky combine for the perfect backdrop to showcase the true beauty in the details."It's a designer's dream to have the opportunity to revolutionize something iconic, and in this same vein, the design team behind the GMC HUMMER EV have evolved design sensibility," said Wearstler. "My work as a designer is about storytelling, and driving the HUMMER EV was an invitation to embark on an unexpected story and fascinating journey; the cohesiveness of its design and intricate details was a road-map for the eyes-this super truck is a true work of art!"

IMMERSIVE STARRING ANGUS CLOUD: Through his role as Fezco, Angus became one of the biggest breakout stars taking Hollywood by storm with his effortlessly cool and chilled vibe. In Immersive, the GMC HUMMER EV'S unique ability to become one with nature through its infinity roof, coupled with Angus' sensitivity to his surroundings and innate calmness, results in a powerful celebration of equanimity, stillness and relaxation. Through the use of extreme close-ups, ASMR-like sound design and carefully placed interior camera rigs, this episode emulates the feeling of being inside the HUMMER EV and its ability to be closer to nature. The short features warm color tones and sounds from the forest to immerse the viewer in the 'outside-in' cabin environment. "The HUMMER EV shoot was an incredible experience: the Infinity Roof makes it easy to reconnect with nature," said Angus. "I felt present, tuned in and fully immersed in my surroundings; the film pretty much feels like how a great day should feel!"

SUPERFAST STARRING RYAN GARCIA Who better to take on the Superfast ride than the boxing King of Speed, Ryan Garcia? Nicknamed King Ryan, the lightweight boxer has fought his way to 23 undefeated wins and over 14 national titles and is rivaled by none other in his class. Shot on the landing strip at Agua Dulce, Superfast sees Ryan give a thrilling demonstration of the Watts To Freedom experience (5), a first-of-its-kind feature that prepares the vehicle for its maximum performance capabilities, allowing the HUMMER EV to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in approximately 3 seconds (6). The film utilizes high-energy POV shots to give viewers an intimate glimpse into the pure speed of the HUMMER EV." Taking the new GMC HUMMER EV 0-60 was almost like stepping into the ring for the first time; you're filled with invigorating and electrifying nerves, but when you hit the accelerator, you're sent into a world of energy that is really hard to put into words," said Ryan.

OFF-ROAD BEAST STARRINGDON C: Chicago native and project curator Don C's boundless curiosity reigns in Off-Road Beast, celebrating GMC HUMMER EV's off-road capabilities. Don's excitement is palpable as he navigates the HUMMER EV through Canyon Ranch, pushing the vehicle to its limits. With features including CrabWalk (7) and 4-Wheel Steer, which can take any adventure to new dimensions with increased maneuverability, and Extract Mode (8) to help get you out of challenging situations, advanced, tactical off-road power enables the driver to discover a new world of endless paths ahead of them. Using a range of exterior camera mounts and FPV drones, Don C's film juxtaposes the rugged features of off-roading against the sleekness of the vehicle."I'm all about pushing the boundaries of possibilities, and so is the HUMMER EV." said Don. "Owning the terrain with a beast of a vehicle like the HUMMER EV had me feeling like I could conquer any path in my way," said Don C.

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