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Shooting on 26th and Wilshire in Santa Monica Late Sunday Night Wounds One Man

One man suffered a gunshot wound to the arm; shooting occurred at the Union 76 gas Station, may have been a car to car shooting.

A shooting Sunday night at the intersection of Wilshire Blvd and 26th Street in Santa Monica, wounded one man. He suffered a gunshot wound to the arm. This is breaking news; details are lacking at this time. The shooting occurred near the Union 76 Gasoline station.

The Los Angeles Police Department later got a call for a shooting and Wilshire and Bundy, less than half a mile away. This indicates that it may have been a car to car shooting, since the location of the shooting moved west on Wilshire Blvd half a mile.

Last night, two homeless men shot out the window of a 7-11 on Lincoln Blvd, after the clerk refused to sell them beer. The perpetrators were arrested in that unrelated incident.


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HarveyMushman writes:

This is the direct result of soft on crime leftist politicians and policies. Think before you vote.....