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By Christine Peake 

Jessica Alba 'shines' at GT Dave's Hollywood Halloween Bash Sponsored by Aquahydrate.


November 2, 2022

Christine Peake

Actress Jessica Alba 'Shines' At GT Dave's Monster Madness Halloween Party! Stunning actress Jessica Alba- dressed as one of the twins from 'The Shining' takes a seat with her pal GT Dave aka 'Hellraiser' at his Halloween Monster Madness bash.

Over 500 hundred people came out ‘dressed to kill’ in Hollywood. The ‘Monster Madness’ Halloween event took place in down town LA and was hosted by business man and entrepreneur GT Dave, the founder and CEO of kombucha company GT Living foods.

Miss Shalae as Beyoncé was amazing!

Actress and successful founder of Honest Company - business billionaire, Jessica Alba got into to mood dressed with her friend Chener, the pair looked great dressed as the twins from Stanley Kubrick’s classic film ‘The Shining’.

The Musical performances brought the house down kicking off with Alex Chapman who sang and danced and got the party started followed by “Miss Shalae” the world’s number one renowned Beyoncé impersonator, followed by Channel TresJames Blake and another set by Alex Chapman.

One lucky guest won $1000 cash in the best costume competition. Guests drank designer cocktails and stayed hydrated with Aquahydrate.

Stunning Jessica sits on the lap of her friend ‘Hellraiser’ GT Dave - founder of Kombucha company GT Living Foods.

Photo: Christine Peake


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