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PETALS by the CaliGreenGold (CGG) luxury brand, expands its exciting ZIG-ZAG Partnership via introduction of new "Original Organic" Products: Rose Petal King Cones & Rose Wraps.

PETALS is designed to elevate the smoking experience and has quickly become the go-to brand for an eco-conscious global clientele

David JP Danon, CEO and Founder of luxury brand PETALS by CaliGreenGold, (CGG) announces expansion of ZIG-ZAG partnership and the release of new, hand-made, "Original Organic" Products: Rose Petal King Cones & Rose Petal Wraps.

PETALS, a luxury brand of unique, organic, exotic cones, rolls and wraps is expanding its partnership with rolling paper industry giant, ZIG-ZAG. CGG currently produces a variety of rose petal products for ZIG-ZAG made entirely by hand from Organic Rose Petals. Now, PETALS Exotic Rolling Cones & Wraps, a CaliGreenGold luxury line, is releasing two amazing eco-sustainable handmade "Original Organic" products: Rose Petal King Cones & Rose Petal Wraps.

PETALS is designed to elevate the smoking experience and has quickly become the go-to brand for an eco-conscious global clientele that is planet-protective and attracted to the therapeutic properties of rose terpenes. PETALS Exotic Rolling Cones & Wraps are fast becoming a celebrity favorite and is establishing itself in the luxury, eco-conscious genre by sourcing the world's finest roses in Latin America & South America with plans to expand the Petals community to other countries in 2023.

"PETALS has positively changed the world's perspective of traditional smoking products. We handcrafted a luxurious yet affordable, slow-burning smoking experience that is visually stunning. Featuring organic, planet-friendly farmed Andean flowers; terpene-rich and eco-chic. Our hand-made artisanal process respects the earth and provides a healthy and purely organic, sustainable option for people to enjoy our delightful Smokable Art™. The velvety smooth petals in our rose cones, rolls and wraps taste slightly sweet with the universally therapeutic aroma of exquisite rose." ~ David JP Danon, PETALS & CGG CEO/Founder

"PETALS uses the finest roses in the world and each product is a totally unique piece of art. PETALS is sustainably handmade, increases equitable women's employment opportunities worldwide and supports Fair Trade practice. A PETALS' elevated smoking experience is second to none and is reminiscent of times when people cherished handmade beauty. Our indigenous techniques brilliantly utilize the natural resources of our planet, providing young women with equitable employment while spreading love and happiness." ~ Monika Danon, Chief Petalist

Danon continues to create innovative PETALS products for 2023 as he expands his global, luxury, lifestyle brand into other Original Organic products that powerfully partners planet-friendly local production with artistic, female-centric fair trade.

PETALS vows steadfast commitment to showcasing Nature's beauty, with eco-sustainability from the first handpicked petal to the final exquisite puff.

About Zig-Zag

Born in Paris in 1879, Zig-Zag Rolling Papers have grown for more than a century to become the most iconic premium rolling paper brand in the world. What began as two French brothers, Maurice and Jacques Braunstein, producing papers in their manufacturing facility in west Paris, has evolved into a global brand filled with culture, creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship.

About CaliGreenGold

Born in California in 2016, as a couture luxury cannabis brand, CGG is rapidly expanding its OG Cali perspective and eco-lifestyle products into other innovative markets worldwide featuring CBD, D8 and minor cannabinoids; along with a natural assortment of exotic rolling cones, papers and wraps through PETALS. To purchase PETALS go to IG:@puffroses

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To learn about CaliGreenGold go to IG:@caligreengold

"Original Organic Smokable Art" Cultivated, Created & Custom-Crafted by King Rose.


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