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Stan Greene Doubles Down on Conspiracy Theories After Seeing the Paul Pelosi Police Body Cam Video

"Most people viewing it still think it very odd. He opens the door smiling, with a drink in his hand .... '

1.27.23 -- The San Francisco Police Department today released the police body camera footage from David Depape's October 28, 2022 attack on Paul Pelosi. People want to know if I'm ready to retract my controversial article proposing an alternative theory that the two men knew each other. I'm doubling down, because it still doesn't add up.

Here is my analysis from a trained psychologist, the one who tipped me off that perhaps Depape and Pelosi were acquaintances.

"Most people viewing it still think it very odd. He opens the door smiling, with a drink in his hand, and tells cops everything is OK. He's got his shirt unbuttoned and is in his underwear. None of this seems the demeanor of someone who is scared to death of an intruder. 

"Also, in the beginning of the tape, look at the blinds. The middle panel is open. Someone to the right of Paul closes it. Couldn't be him because he has a drink in his hand, and the left hand is with DePape. You can't see who it is because the door opens, and they are behind it.

"So who was it?  Where is the housekeeper, and the security guards, and the alarms? Still not adding up. "

"You know what is the smoking gun? What was going on BEFORE the cops got there? Why aren't we seeing THAT video? I would say this video raises more questions than it answers. And where is the actual Police report? They have still not released that."

"One thing to note...look at the blinds in the beginning. The middle set is open. Then, someone closes them, someone to the right of Paul. It couldn't be Paul. because he has a drink in his right hand, and his left hand is on the hammer."

The bodycam video may be seen at :

Elon Musk apologized for tweeting my original story on this incident.


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