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Camera Found in Jail Cell of Bolivian Governor Luis Fernando Camacho; President of Argentina Submits to Organized Crime Syndicates; Nicaragua Jails Family of Political Opponent and Other Stories: InterAmerican Watch News

Venezuela and Russia strengthen ties

Analysis Mexican cartels become the "invisible" masters of the cocaine market in Colombia

His taste for Mexico led him to photograph himself disguised as a hero of the Mexican Revolution, but perhaps Pablo Escobar, the Colombian cocaine kingpin, died without imagining that his northern partners would end up running his business....Read more >>


Bolivia--They denounce the discovery of a hidden camera in Camacho's cell

After the lawyers who sponsor the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, reported yesterday that his client found a camera inside his cell in the Chonchocoro maximum security prison. The jurists consulted by EL DIARIO stated that if the extreme was corroborated, the violation of the fundamental rights of the authority and his wife would be evident. ...Read more >>


Luis Fernando Camacho was transferred "against his will" to the prison medical post after the discovery of a hidden camera in the cell

The family of Bolivian Governor Luis Fernando Camacho denounced that he was transferred "against his will" to the medical post of the prison where he is detained, after the politician found a hidden camera in his cell and demanded the entry of his defense and of human rights organizations so that the opposition leader can deliver the device to them....Read more >>


Bolivian deputy denounces interference by Evo Morales in Peru: weapons would be transported on reed rafts across Lake Titicaca

Luciana Campero assured the former president and his political operators attended meetings, within the national territory, where Peruvian "customs and laws" were attacked. ...Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

Santiago del Estero: Armando Valladares exposed the violation of Human Rights in the province of Zamora

Valladares referred to serious complaints of Human Rights violations in Santiago del Estero, a province that he visited together with the lawyer Feraud. In said province, Valladares made contact with victims of human rights violations, who were the subject of numerous accusations in a report by investigator Douglas Farah carried out and published in the United States....Read more >>


Is capitalism "ruthless"? Or is it the State?

What I mean is that it is nonsense to even state that the fact that many are poor can be explained because there are rich people who don't want to pay taxes. That is simply not true. It is preferable that private property exists, even if certain people amass enormous fortunes, than the opposite: States where the existence of private property is prohibited....Read more >>


The government of Fernandez/Kirchner subordinates Argentina to transnational organized crime

In a country that has been taken to an economic, political, and social crisis with a growing 43.1% of poverty, nine months short of its 2023 general elections, with 69.3% of its population rejecting the government's bad management and over 70% recognizing its negative image, with its Vice-President sentenced to six years in jail for corruption, President Alberto Fernandez subordinates Argentina to the Transnational Organized Crime, inviting as "Heads of State" the dictators from the narco-States of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua....Read more >>


NGO from the United States is in the province investigating cases of violation of Human Rights

An NGO from the United States is in the province, thoroughly investigating the various cases of violation of Human Rights executed in Santiago del Estero. Members of the Inter-American Institute for Democracy of the USA, headed by Ambassador Armando Valladares and lawyer Marcel Feraud, arrived today with the purpose of learning about the unfortunate cases of human rights violations....Read more >>


Armando Valladares, in a human rights mission in Argentina

The well-known Cuban opponent in exile in Miami, Armando Valladares, recently traveled to Argentina on a human rights mission, as a member of the Board of Directors and the Human Rights Committee of the Inter-American Institute for Democracy....Read more >>



The Nicaraguan regime sentences to prison the entire family of an opponent who could not capture

They have been found guilty of "conspiracy and propagation of false news" and sentenced to between 8 and 10 years in prison ...Read more >>


The 'North Koreanization' of Ortega's Nicaragua

On January 16, Nicaragua's General Directorate of Customs imposed restrictions on travelers entering Nicaragua with cameras, photographic lenses and night vision binoculars, making them subject to confiscation for violating regulations. The measures were adopted after the surge in foreign reporters and documentary filmmakers publicized the increasing repression since 2018 by the Daniel Ortega-Rosario Murillo regime....Read more >>


Ordained priests from Nicaragua request to leave the country due to persecution by the Ortega regime

The persecution of the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua against the Catholic Church has escalated to such a point that foreign priests are asking to leave the country....Read more >>


"Totalitarian mafiocracy": an economist describes the keys to the regime of Daniel Ortega

The Nicaraguan economist Enrique Sáenz names the regime of the Ortega Murillo family in Nicaragua: "Mafiocracy". And last name: "Totalitarian". And he gives his reasons: "Daniel Ortega has seized all of the public powers. There is no public space that escapes Ortega's control and his purpose is to accumulate wealth."...Read more >>



The OAS convened an extraordinary session to address the serious social and political crisis in Peru

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) convened an extraordinary session for this Monday to discuss the serious political and social crisis in Peru, and the violent clashes between protesters and the police, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Maria Gervasi....Read more >>


Dina Boluarte accused the Ponchos Rojos and Evo Morales of illegally transporting weapons to Peru

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, denounced this Tuesday at a press conference with foreign press at the Government Palace in Lima, the alleged entry of weapons and ammunition from Bolivia. She pointed out that she unofficially learned that these weapons could be being taken to the neighboring country by the Ponchos Rojos, a social and indigenous organization related to Evo Morales....Read more >>


Keep Prying! Evo Morales calls for constitutional change in Peru

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, once again meddled in what Peru is going through. Morales called for a constitutional change in the country, which is going through moments of deep political instability after the self-coup of former president Pedro Castillo that ended up in jail....Read more >>


Congress declares former Bolivian President Evo Morales persona non grata

With the resounding rejection of the left bloc, the Plenary of Congress approved declaring former Bolivian president Evo Morales persona non grata and preventing him from entering the country for inciting division, especially in the southern zone of Peru....Read more >>



Faced with the divisions within Chavismo and the opposition, the protest of teachers and workers, and the new political options, gain strength

Given the collapse of the leaderships in both poles, the organization of workers, trade unionists and neighbors has emerged, who have continued protesting in the streets. Likewise, political groups were formed, such as Venezuela Democrática Unida (VDU) and Pongámonos de Acuerdo (PDA)....Read more >>


Venezuela and Russia strengthen "strategic alliance" between both nations

Venezuela and Russia strengthened this Saturday the "strategic alliance" maintained by both nations, during a meeting held between the Russian ambassador in Caracas, Sergei Mélik-Bagdasarov, and the Venezuelan foreign minister, Yván Gil, who reported the meeting through his account on Twitter...Read more >>


The regime of Nicolás Maduro detained an activist in the middle of the visit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

In the midst of the visit of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the Nicolás Maduro regime detained the human rights defender María Fernanda Rodríguez....Read more >>



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