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So What's With All the UFO's Being Shot Down Right Before the Superbowl?

"Aliens gonna invade us tomorrow when half the county has their hands occupied with hot wings, I just know it.

There have been five UFO's shot down by the US Government this week. I've never quite thought I would write that, but it's undeniably true. I, who have written so often about unidentified flying objects, am so stunned about what to say. So I'll just quote Reuters and the NYT, to prove to you how mad this moment is.

Reuters: US Shoots Down Unidentified Cylindrical Object Over Canada. No, I didn't make up this headline. Nor did I make up this one: US Shoots Down Unidentified Flying Object Over Canada. New York Times.

These are the days of miracle and wonder, as Paul Simon sang. "A UFO was shot down over Alaska this morning," notes Oscar Gomez on Twitter. "Then another UFO a few hrs ago over Canada. Now F-15s and a refuel tanker were just scrambled out of Portland, and a NOTAM was just issued in Montana. Can someone smarter than me please tell me wtf is going on?" A NOTAM is a Notice to Airmen to avoid a particular area, in this case Western Montana.

After ignoring or failing to observe these things for years, the Chinese balloon got our national attention and now everything and anything is being scrutinized and shot down if not identifiable. Remember, the 'U' in UFO only means it's unidentifiable, not alien.

A list of the five recent incidents from a tweet: 1) balloon downed near SC. 2) UFO shot down near Alaska. 3) UFO shot down over Canada. 4) UFO over Montana to be investigated in the morning because NORAD on break. 5) UFO near Portland.

"Last I checked, many talk about UFOs that can outmaneuver any human built spacecraft including an F22. So how is this logical to say UFOs are just getting shot down?" Tweeted Jimmy.


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