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Comedian Christine Peake Blends Intelligence, Current Events and Inspired Improv Skills - And She Identifies as a C*nt.

The Brave Brit Walks To Her Own Beat and It's Loud and Hilarious

I recently had the opportunity to catch British comedian Christine Peake at the Hotel Ziggy in Hollywood, where she was the host and opening comedian for the Models of Comedy show.

The sold out show was an enjoyable evening but I couldn't help but be impressed by British import Christine Peake, who did an energetic, hard hitting and effortless 20 minute opening set, filled with inspired moments of improvisation, news updates and her non apologetic views on recent news events, nothing was off limits, (pregnant men, the Me2 movement, recent alien sightings and aging movie stars becoming parents in their 80's!) "It's not all bad, even though the parents will be dead or senile before the kid goes to kindergarten, " she quipped - "Their younger and soon to be rich wife can change both the father's and baby's diapers at once. Multitasking at its finest!"

Relatively new to comedy, in just two years she has performed at the Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv and Laugh Factory, plus she produces sold out shows for charities she supports, Peake's career as a writer and career as a Hollywood publicist clearly serves her well.

Confidently quoting the news that had broken that day, she unabashedly made fun in front of a mainly somewhat woke liberal Los Angeles audience. Referencing the recent White House having a gay pride party on the White House lawn. "I felt bad for President Joe Biden, he saw half naked people grabbing their boobs on the lawn and got excited that Hunter had brought his friends home for the weekend!"

Peake is also not a fan of pronouns, "For a generation that doesn't want any labels, we certainly have to learn a lot of new ones! Everyone identifies as something, quite frankly I identify as c*nt!" Somehow, whether it's her accent, cool confidence or the wink she gives the audience, they loved it!

Peake also is very physically animated on stage which is also a treat to watch - after the show she shared with me that she is a huge Charlie Chaplin fan and often dressed as him on Halloween, although it can backfire, "People are not always that smart, they see the mustache, the bowler hat, cane and tramp suit and clearly think I am Nazi? I am often explaining the joke! I feel that we are living in a time of woke distraction and we are breaking apart as a result of it!"

As she said on stage, she feels,"People should stop apologizing for sh*t they didn't do and just be kind to each other!"

I couldn't agree more!

If you get the chance to catch Peake at an upcoming show, do. Her bravery and undisputed biting wit reminded me of comedy greats such as the late George Carlin and of course the legendary Joan Rivers! A comedy era when being honest and funny would not get comedians canceled, they gave us something to think about.


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