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Crimean Bridge Again Attacked and Disrupted, As Kharkiv Comes Under Assault

One span of the #Kerch #Bridge collapsed, another one came off its support. Bridge support damaged.

There are reports Sunday evening (Monday morning in Ukraine), that the Kerch bridge connecting Crimea so Southern Russia has once again been attacked by Ukrainian missiles. "One span of the #Kerch #Bridge collapsed, another one came off its support. Bridge support damaged," read one such report.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian deputy defense minister said that East of Kharkiv, the "situation is difficult," with positions changing hands several times in one day.

The news comes amidst a Ukrainian summer offensive that has not made much progress so far. The Ukrainians are outnumbered by the Russian army, but may have a qualitative advantage. Ukraine has Western equipment, which is new and advanced, whereas Russia has been forced to take T-62 tanks from the 1960's and 1970's out of storage.

From CNBC: The Russian-installed head of Crimea's Parliament has blamed Ukraine for a "terrorist attack" on the Crimean bridge that halted traffic, and reportedly killed two people.

"Tonight, the terrorist regime in Kyiv committed a new crime - they attacked the Crimean bridge," Head of Crimea's parliament Vladimir Konstantinov said in his Telegram channel.

The bridge, a 12-mile crossing of road and railways, is a crucial transportation and supply route for Russian forces in Ukraine.

"In retaliation - we will follow the news. Our Secretary of Defense has promised strikes against criminal decision-making centers," he threatened.


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