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Staff At the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building Told To Work Remotely From Home, Due to Fentanyl, Homeless

Violence, Fentanyl Cited by Dems who loosened drug enforcement and loitering laws.

Federal employees who work at the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in downtown San Francisco, have been told to work from home for their own safety. There are just too many homeless people on drugs in front of the building, located at 90-7th Street, for them to work safely.

"In light of the conditions at the (Federal Building) we recommend employees ... maximize the use of telework for the foreseeable future," HHS Assistant Secretary for Administration Cheryl R. Campbell said in a memo to staff.

The Federal building in SF hosts several federal agencies, including HHS, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the office of Congressman Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi remains a member of Congress, but is no longer speak of the house, after getting edged out by Kevin McCarthy and the Republican's last November. The longtime Democratic former House leader raised the public safety issues with the U.S. attorney for the northern district of California last week, a spokesperson from her office told the Chronicle. Pelosi's five-person staff won't be working remotely, however, he confirmed.

"The safety of workers in our federal buildings has always been a priority for Speaker Emerita Pelosi, whether in the building or on their commutes," Pelosi spokesperson Aaron Bennett said in a statement. "Federal, state and local law enforcement - in coordination with public health officials and stakeholders - are working hard to address the acute crises of fentanyl trafficking and related violence in certain areas of the city."


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