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Media Matters Declares War on Elon Musk and Twitter. Musk Strikes Back

“Media Matters is pure evil,” tweeted Elon Musk, who last week sued them in response to MM targeting X.

Media Matters, a left wing self appointed fact-checker that tries to turn the internet into a nanny-state, declared war on Elon Musk after a supposedly anti-Semitic tweet by Twitter’s CEO last week. “Media Matters is pure evil,” tweeted Elon Musk, who last week sued them in response to MM targeting X.

"The media say X" tweeted Michael Shellenberger, "is placing Apple, IBM, and other ads near pro-Nazi content, but it's not. We tried various ways to replicate Media Matters' research and couldn't. The real goal of Media Matters isn't to fight antisemitism. It's to destroy X as a free speech platform."

"I think sometimes people forget that Media Matters was created, shaped and governed for a long time by David Brock, arguably the single most craven, deceitful and amoral scumbag DC politics has ever seen," tweeted Glenn Greenwald. "There was no way for anything decent to be spawned from that rotted root."

"I know what Media Matters did to drive away the advertisers of X because they did the same to Rumble. I was commenting generally on David Brock and MM to remind people who shaped it, but I also do have knowledge of the deceptive practice at the heart of this report," tweeted Greenwald.

"Media Matters is also funded by Soros," added Natalie Danielshen. She noted that they received a $1 million donation from Soros.

"Wow! An @NBCNews journalist identifies with a terrorist organization and was arrested for inciting terrorism. Will all advertisers on @NBCNews pause their advertising? These advertisers are literally supporting terrorism. When will Media Matters gather the ad data from NBC and expose this?”

"the fact that Media Matters is certified as credible by @NewsGuardRating tells you everything you need to know about newsguard” tweeted Tim Pool.

Media Matters for America was founded in May 2004 by David Brock, a former conservative journalist who has since become a prominent Democratic party political operative. Brock said that he founded the organization to combat the conservative journalism sector that he had once been a part of, although some critics say he has simply adopted the tactics of his part for a new political side. Brock further explained his motives for starting the group, telling The New York Times, that "the central thrust of his group would be to closely monitor conservative commentators and journalists and, when they make erroneous or misleading claims, to point them out and set the record straight."


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