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Man Who Threw Pole onto PCH Actually Charged with a Felony by LA County DA

The nonchalance with which the public walked by the criminal activity says worlds

November 24, 2023 - An apparently mentally ill or drug-influenced man was arrested by Santa Monica Police after climbing atop the pedestrian bridge over the Pacific Coast Highway on Friday, November 10 and hurling a metal pole onto the street below. No cars were hit or people injured. The man, Carlos Hernandez-Martinez, 29, is homeless and was charged with a felony the Los Angeles County District Attorney. The crime is "throwing an object at a vehicle with intent to cause great bodily injury." He is also charged with multiple counts of resisting arrest. In a video available on Youtube of the event, he can be seen brandishing another pole toward officers as a weapon and then attempting to flee.

Police officers happened to be on the scene already as they were dealing with a different altercation involving homeless persons at the top of the stairs at the same time that Hernandez was banging his pole on the floor of the bridge and apparently ranting. Pedestrians can be seen casually walking past Hernandez, even after he climbed on top of the bridge and stood atop the metal grating. According to reports, one of the pedestrians did alert the officers about the deranged man on the bridge.

After Hernandez hurled his pole onto the Pacific Coast Highway, officers quickly descended to the bridge. They were held at bay by Hernandez there on the bridge after he descended from the top of the metal grating and grabbed another pole from his stuffed shopping cart. The officers slowly approached Hernandez even as more officers arrived and blocked the other exit off the pedestrian bridge. Hernandez fled toward the backup officers, perhaps not aware they had arrived.

"He was quickly subdued and placed in handcuffs," according to SMPD spokesperson Erika Aklufi.

Anyone with information related to this individual or incident should email Detective McCoy at or Detective Sergeant Goodwin at, or call the Watch Commander (24 hours) at 310-458-8427.


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