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SUGARFISH LA celebrates 15 years with 15 courses for 15 days

Starting November 29, this over-the-top menu of specialty delights is only $80

Celebrate SUGARFISH's 15th anniversary with a special menu that runs for 15 days at all Los Angeles locations – from November 29 through December 13. The new menu features 15 bites, including new dishes and presentations never served, along with LA's beloved favorites. 

The Anniversary Menu will change daily, with no substitutions, but expect 2 orders of sashimi, 2 orders of nigiri sushi (2 pieces each), 2-3 different pieces of nigiri (Gunkan style), 3-4 pieces of nigiri sushi, sashimi & Sunomono and 2 hand rolls. Nozawa and his team's passion – for hand-selected fish, quality ingredients, and attention to detail with a discerning eye for process, efficiency, and sustainably sourced ingredients – has made SUGARFISH a household name.

We previewed the Anniversary Menu at SUGARFISH Brentwood with the SUGARFISH team in attendance - Chef Kazunori Nozawa and his wife Yumiko, their son Tom Nozawa, and co-founders Jerry Greenberg and Lele Massimini.  Guests can expect the same fresh fish and warm rice as Nozawa-style sushi – meaning pure and simple traditional sushi, no California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, or meat on fish.

The Anniversary Menu has many specialty offerings. Some of our favorite bites included various cuts of Toro, rich buttery Akamutzu nigiri (Ruby Snapper), and decadent Kinmedai nigiri (Golden Eye Snapper) along with Uni and Salmon Eggs (Gunkan Style). Surprising bites included the Ankimo (Monkfish Liver) Hand Roll, Iwashi (sardine sushi), and the beautifully presented whole New Zealand Pink Lobster with the sashimi in its tail. The warm stuffed Lobster Hand Roll makes a satisfying ending, while Nozawa's super dry sake is the best way to accent the meal.

Chef Nozawa's wife shared some of her favorites, including seabream and monkfish liver. When I commented how much I appreciated the sardine sushi as it doesn't feel like a common LA offering, Chef Nozawa divulged how no one would eat this type of fish in the 1980s. And now it's a favorite flavor. Follow Chef Nozawa's mantra: "Don't Think. Just Eat."

This $80 per person menu (with no tipping allowed) felt more like a $200+ experience you might find elsewhere due to the quality, freshness, and uniqueness of the dishes. Just like the SUGARFISH name, experience the Wow Wow Wow factor with each and every bite.

Find the Santa Monica SUGARFISH location here -

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