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Sweden Asks EU to Withdraw Aid to Cuba; Cuba Gains Belarus Agreement to Cooperate Militarily;

Brazil Increases Securitiy on Northern Border and Other Stories: Interamerican Watch Newsletter


Migrants, exposed to crime from Panama: They pay fees, are assaulted and forced to traffic cocaine

A report from the organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) details that around 440 thousand Venezuelans, 80 thousand Ecuadorians and 63 thousand Haitians crossed the Darién Region to reach the EU between January 2022 and so far in November....Read more >>



The Federal Chamber annulled the dismissal of Cristina Kirchner in the Money Route K

The Federal Court of Appeals revoked the dismissal of Cristina Kirchner in the case known as Money Route K, where she was charged with the crime of money laundering. After accepting the civil association Bases Republicanas as a plaintiff, the judges of Chamber II of the court accepted her claim: the rejection of the criterion of excluding the vice president from the file....Read more >>


Le Monde links Cristina Kirchner with a money laundering scheme that used the name of the Red Cross

The French newspaper reveals that Mossack Fonseca hid its clients' offshore companies behind humanitarian foundations. He cites as an example Aldyne Ltd. and Gairns Ltd., in Seychelles, "destination of the loot of the Kirchner clan"...Read more >>



Population is tired of threats and arrogance from Evo Morales and the MAS. They point out that since Morales' return to the country, all of his actions have been focused on "trying to regain the presidential chair by hook or by crook." ...Read more >>


The fall of Bolivia into deep chaos and its implications for the region

The left-wing populist governments of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) of Evo Morales and Luis Arce have turned the country into an important entry point into the hemisphere for extrahemispheric rivals of the United States such as the People's Republic of China, Russia and Iran...Read more >>



Sweden formalizes request to suspend EU aid to the Cuban regime

The Government of Sweden formally requested the review of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (ADPC) of the European Union (EU) with the Cuban regime, taking into account "serious violations" of human rights in Cuba....Read more >>


Belarus agrees to cooperate militarily with Cuba

Representatives of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Cuba agreed on a military cooperation plan during the visit of a Belarusian delegation to the island, as reported this Wednesday by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus....Read more >>



Haiti urgently needs the deployment of the multinational security mission

Gang violence is now spreading to rural areas, where murders, rapes and kidnappings, among other abuses, are reported, warns the person responsible for ensuring human rights, urging the rapid deployment of the operation authorized last month by the Council. . of Security, which also calls for implementing the arms embargo and the sanctions regime against the Caribbean country....Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

Israel and the Jews, after Hamas what?

By our Director: Ricardo Israel

Israel has already acted against Hamas. It is up to the US Jewish community to do so against the elite universities, with the idea of reaching the Supreme Court, a ruling that would be the best way to reduce, and ideally remove, anti-Semitism from the streets, and to impoverish well-known anti-Semitism activists hatred of Jews....Read more >>


Will Milei be able to give a red card to Feudalism in Argentina?

By our Director: Beatrice E. Rangel

If Javier Milei manages to avoid these dangers by creating new coalitions of power in which young Argentina takes command positions and executes its libertarian agenda, he will have begun the liberation of Argentina and the rest of Latin America from the feudal yokes that have frustrated their development as a region for more than three centuries....Read more >>


Twenty-first century socialism starts conspiracy to topple Argentina's president-elect Milei

By our Director: Carlos Sánchez Berzaín

This situation demands from the new president the urgency to adopt a clear foreign policy and a solid democratic security to guarantee the fulfillment of his mandate. ...Read more >>



The Nicaraguan political prisoners who resisted torture in Ortega and Murillo's prisons

A non-profit run by exiles has produced 'Freedom behind bars,' a book that compiles the stories of 11 female survivors of the regime's notorious penitentiary system ...Read more >>



Álvaro Alfonso: "The communist party supported the coup in Uruguay but its members now collect reparations"

In his new book "The Intrigue of Human Rights," the Uruguayan journalist criticizes compensation policies in his country. And he has questions about the case of Juan Gelman's daughter-in-law....Read more >>



Brazil increases northern border military presence amid Venezuela-Guyana spat -ministry

Brazil "has intensified defensive actions" along its northern border as it monitors a territorial dispute between its neighbors, Guyana and Venezuela, the country's defense ministry said on Wednesday....Read more >>



Henry Kissinger, key soul and brain of United States foreign policy during the Cold War, died at 100

During more than 50 years of political, social and military upheavals, he was the architect of the White House's international relations, on which he left his mark. Lights and shadows of a key man in recent history...Read more >>



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