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Here's Why Santa Monica Police Stopped Posting Daily Public Arrest Records

SANTA MONICA now surpasses 97% of California communities of any size in the number of violent and property crimes. CRIME has increased in SANTA MONICA for the 3rd consecutive year according to SMPD. Issuance of Daily Public Arrest Records were just discontinued. Why? SANTA MONICA Police made over 5,000 (reported) calls to the 3 main PARKS visited by TOURISTS and RESIDENTS in 2023. SM Police are underfunded by the Mayor and City Council. There has been a 1 to 1 increase in criminal transient addicts and the number of new housing units. The only people "winning" in this taxpayer-funded game are the executives of every non-profit who receive a combined $10 million in City Grants each year, housing developers, AND CITY MANAGER David White, whose current salary and benefits DOUBLED from what he was paid at his last job in Berkeley.


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