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  • Companies Use Greenwashing to Justify Cost-Saving Measures that Don't Help the Environment

    Kathi Rowzie, Two Sides North America|Sep 11, 2022

    Sustainability has gone mainstream, with more people than ever before concerned about the environmental impacts of the products and services they buy and use. They understandably want to do the right things for the planet, but the explosion of greenwashing is causing consumers and businesses to use – or in the case of paper, not use – products without any basis in fact. The Oxford Dictionary defines greenwashing as "Disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an env...

  • Research Shows Importance of Printed Medical Brochures

    Kathi Rowzie, Two Sides North America|Aug 15, 2022

    August 10, 2022 - In our increasingly digital world, some may think that printed medical brochures have outlived their usefulness. But research shows that even in today's digital age, printed materials remain valuable educational tools for healthcare providers. A study published in Advances in Therapy looked at the usefulness of printed educational brochures among health care providers (HCPs). Researchers sent a printed brochure about new and important adverse events associated with a target...

  • Making the Environmental Case for Paper

    Kathi Rowzie, Two Sides North America|Jul 8, 2022

    Mail center professionals, who already operate in a challenging business environment, are increasingly faced with the task of responding to the popular, but scientifically flawed narrative that the paper critical to their operations is somehow environmentally unsustainable. If this describes you, then Ben Franklin, father of the Postal Service and first U.S. postmaster general, offers some sage advice: "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." In our increasingly digital world,...