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Articles from the September 11, 2022 edition

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  • Fire Closes Peet's Coffee on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 11, 2022

    15: Peets Coffee reopened on Sunday morning. 9.10.22: Three fire trucks responded to an early morning kitchen fire at Peet's Coffee on 14th Street and Montana Avenue Saturday morning. A note on the door said "unfortunately last night's power outage caused a small fire. We will remain closed until the store is cleaned and ready for customers and staff. Thank you for understanding. " A photo of the sign is at the bottom of this story. Disappointed customers lined up outside the store, but it...

  • Change in the Weather: Heat Abates as Hurricane Kay Moves Into Santa Monica

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 11, 2022

    Rarely have I seen a turn in the weather so abrupt as this Friday afternoon. Suddenly, the 97 degree heat and humidity has persisted for 2 weeks in Santa Monica was just over. The palm trees started swaying in the wind. The clouds blocked the sun and rain started falling on the parched landscape. Hurricane Kay was expected to bring 100 MPH winds into the mountains east of San Diego. On pricey Montana Avenue, people hurried to escape the coming storm. While Kay has weakened to a tropical storm,...

  • Two Dead in Crash of small plane at Santa Monica Airport Thursday Afternoon

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 11, 2022

    23 A single engine plane carrying two men crashed on Runway 2 at Santa Monica Airport this afternoon at 4;25 pm, reported multiple sources. Santa Monica Police released little information about the crash. Photos showed that the Piper Sport light plane disintegrated on impact,. One pilot posted to social media that the crashed plane "was a Piper LSA (light sport aircraft). Only two can fly on those, and lots of restrictions on their certifications." "It belonged to a flight school called...

  • Power Outages at Santa Monica High School Continue Into Wednesday, as School Considers Sending Students Home Early Friday

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 11, 2022

    It appears that the power outages at Santa Monica High School, go beyond one building. This with September heat creating the highest temperatures of 2022, with temperatures in the high 80's and low 90's. Yesterday, we reported that the $200 million Discovery Building completed last year had no air conditioning. One anonymous student replied to the story: "I'm a student in Samohi, I work as a TA for the I house building and I heard that AC isn't working in at least every other classroom in the...

  • SAMO Football hosts West Torrance in a non-league football game and lost 27-8 dropping SAMOHI's record to 1-2 on the season

    Morgan Genser, Observer Sports Writer|Sep 11, 2022

    img 1)Right Santa Monica High School varsity football player Samuel Lipshy looks for a hole to fun through as he carries the football after being handed to him by his quarterback at Santa Monica High School on Friday Sept 2nd 2022 when SAMO hosted West Torrance in a non-league football game and lost 27-8 dropping SAMOHI's record to 1-2 on the season img 2) Left West Torrance Varsity football player Ryan McBride chases after Ivan Levant from Santa Monica High School as Levant carries the...

  • Companies Use Greenwashing to Justify Cost-Saving Measures that Don't Help the Environment

    Kathi Rowzie, Two Sides North America|Sep 11, 2022

    Sustainability has gone mainstream, with more people than ever before concerned about the environmental impacts of the products and services they buy and use. They understandably want to do the right things for the planet, but the explosion of greenwashing is causing consumers and businesses to use – or in the case of paper, not use – products without any basis in fact. The Oxford Dictionary defines greenwashing as "Disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an env...

  • SMMUSD Lacks a Plan to Overcome the Two Year Learning Deficit Caused by Covid-19 Shutdowns

    Kat Blandino, SMMUSD Board Candidate|Sep 11, 2022

    As our children start their 3rd week of school, it's business as usual over at the SMMUSD district office and school board. There has still been no mention of a plan to address the learning loss students are experiencing after the school closures during the last two years. Instead, our current school board and Superintendent Dr Drati continue to focus on anything but education and further continue to neglect the needs of our students. In the fall of 2020, our schools closed. Children, families...