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  • The pandemic we're now in is Stupidity Pandemic 21. Why did Jeff Bezos blast off in the middle of it?

    Michael Kerr, Special to the Observer|Aug 11, 2021

    Last week, just as Jeff Bezos blasted off from our overheating, burning, flooding, Covid-ridden planet, something happened. I'll leave it up to you dear reader to determine what. Hint: you don't get to joy-ride into space. WARNING: The following is dark-ish. The pandemic we're now in is Stupidity Pandemic 21; more dangerous than anything humanity has ever dealt with. What's at hand is nothing less the breakdown of civilization & its institutions and a more and more rapid loss of control; we're...

  • Covid Calibrations: An LA Car Guy Rates the Lockdown 15% Fun, 50% Boredom, The Rest.... Well I Can't Remember, But It's Something Else

    Michael Kerr, Contributing Writer|Apr 24, 2020

    Whether or not you adhere to Aristotle's dictum on the unexamined life not worth living, you've likely noticed that, like mine, your life is 30% less fun than it was prior to March. My primary social life is Trader Joes-- btw big standing "O" for all food supply workers. The grocery market is the new town square. Conversations with people are upbeat and compassionate despite the disconnect concealing smiles at each other from behind our masks. We are smiling, you can see it the eyes. Since I can...

  • VIDCON 2018: Making & Finding A Hit on the Web: a Hollywood New TV Users Manual.

    Michael Kerr, Contributing Writer|Jul 14, 2018

    [Part 1] SILICON BEACH @ VIDCON When I turned forty, my stepfather said "it doesn't matter how old you are"...he'd never been to VidCon. I was there promoting my new webseries SILICON BEACH, signing "influencers" and "creators" to do promos for the show. This June, 280 such YouTube stars converged for three days in Anaheim to vogue, soundbite and celebrate their exploding New TV niche, and bank accounts. Most of them too young to drink, their celebrity shelf-life possibly brief. Mipcom in...