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  • When Can a Surviving Spouse Collect the Decedent's Social Security?

    Russel Gloor, Association of Mature American Citizens|May 7, 2024

    Ask Rusty – Widower's Retirement Stymied by Social Security's "WEP" and "GPO" Rules Dear Rusty: My wife passed away 4 years ago. I want to retire so called SSA and was told I can collect my own SS at 62, reduced by WEP. My wife's SS was greater than mine, but they said I do not qualify for hers at age 60 because of the GPO. This seems odd that I get zero for her, however I can collect mine at the two thirds reduction at 62. Is this true? This zero dollar amount places my retirement on hold f...

  • A Plan to Restore Social Security to Solvency as America Ages

    Russel Gloor, Association of Mature American Citizens|Jan 20, 2021

    With Social Security's finances in the spotlight these days, especially since COVID-19 devastated the U.S. economy, there is no shortage of ideas for how to reform the Social Security System (SS) to restore it to financial solvency. Some proposals have originated in Congress (Social Security 2100 Act) and others have been floated by various "think tanks." In the latter case, some independent "outside-the-box" proposals advocate entirely scrapping the existing Social Security Act in favor of a...

  • Have US Politicians Stolen Money from Social Security? Actually, No

    Russel Gloor, Association of Mature American Citizens|Jan 4, 2021

    Ask Rusty – About Repaying Social Security Money Taken by Politicians Dear Rusty: It is common knowledge that over the decades politicians have taken billions if not trillions of dollars out of the Social Security fund to finance other government programs. This information is never published or addressed and having the government repay this money back to SS is never discussed, as it seems to be the most logical solution. When the SS program is financially viable again, future changes to the p...

  • When Should I Claim Social Security? The answer can be complicated

    Russel Gloor, Association of Mature American Citizens|Dec 29, 2020

    Ask Rusty – I'm 66. When Should I Claim Social Security? Dear Rusty: I'd like to get advice on when I should begin taking my Social Security benefit. I turned 66 in October of 2020. Signed: Pondering Retirement Dear Pondering: Deciding when to claim your Social Security benefit is a personal choice which should consider several factors, most importantly: • Your need for the money at this time • Your current health and expected longevity • Your marital status Since you have already reached...

  • Should a Working Widow Claim Social Security Now or Wait? Ask Rusty

    Russel Gloor, Social Security Matters|Dec 19, 2020

    Ask Rusty – Should a Working Widow Claim Now or Wait? Dear Rusty: My husband died 13 years ago at age 50. I am now 64, never remarried, and work full time making a healthy income. I have never claimed any of his benefits. What are my best options? Signed: Working Widow Dear Working Widow: You have several options available as both a widow and a worker entitled to your own Social Security benefit. 1. You could collect a reduced survivor benefit (only) from your deceased husband and allow your o...