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  • George Gascon's Handpicked Assistant District Attorney for Ethics and Integrity Charged with 11 Felony Counts and Is This a Pattern with George Gascon?

    Ryan Erlich, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Apr 28, 2024

    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Ms. Teran has already been scrubbed from the official District Attorney website, her position filled now by another individual.] Friends in High Places Teran Affair Raises Questions, Reveals Limited Standard of Accountability for Those in Gascon's Inner Circle Who Commit Bad Acts As you all know by now, the Attorney General of California has charged Diana Teran, George Gascón's handpicked Assistant District Attorney for Ethics and Integrity, with 11 felony violations of Penal...

  • Gascon's Own Staff Disagrees with LA Times Recommendation to "Keep Gascon in Place"

    Ryan Erlich, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Jan 29, 2024

    On Sunday morning, the Los Angeles Times endorsed George Gascón in the District Attorney's race. Their justification? Voters should "reject the nonsense and keep Gascón on the job and criminal justice reform in place." The editorial board returned to that theme in their closing sentences. "Voters were right to pick him in 2020," they wrote. "They ought to keep him in place for another term." Notice that language: "Keep him in place." Their editorial was not what one would call a "positive" or ev...

  • Help Wanted: a Prosecutor, Not a Professional Politician

    Ryan Erlich, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Dec 20, 2021

    For the last year, District Attorney George Gascon has pursued two related goals. First, send as few people to prison or jail as possible. Also first, let as many people out of jail or prison as quickly as possible. When you view his first year in office through this lens, everything suddenly makes sense: his staffing picks; his permissive sentencing directives; his let-'em-out-now, ask-questions-later approach to re-sentencing and post-conviction litigation; his reckless bail policies; his...