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Articles from the June 14, 2019 edition

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  • Break-In at 19th Street and Washington at 1:30 am Disturbs Three Women

    Observer Staff|Jun 14, 2019

    Three women who live at 19th Street and Washington told Santa Monica Police that a man was living in their laundry room, and eventually broke into their apartment early Thursday morning, 6/13/2019. "The man entered through out window in a small apartment," posted one of the women on "At about1:30am, my roommate saw him and started screaming and ran out - we think he left right after. There has been a man apparently sleeping In our laundry room for the past few days (about 10 ft...

  • SMMUSD Students who Vandalized John Muir, SMASH School Identified by Police

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 14, 2019

    John Muir and SMASH parents were aghast last weekend to receive an e mail from SMMUSD Superintendent Ben Drati, informing them that their schools had been vandalized. The initial e mail carried little information about the perpetrators, who were caught on tape. Tape that they themselves created, and posted to Instagram with a rap music background, as they damaged schools they had apparently once attended. 4 of the 5 perpetrators were current SMMUSD students. Santa Monica Police say none will be...

  • The Times, They Are A-Changing: Love is in the Air, and Music Returns to Protest Lyrics

    Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune|Jun 14, 2019

    (tca/dpa) - Is there a formula that explains artistic expression in hard times? Fear and anxiety equal urgent music? "Music comes and goes in cycles," Mike Watt, bassist of the groundbreaking postpunk band the Minutemen, once told the Tribune. "And it gets good only when the people making it can feel the wall against their shoulder." Protest music is once again in the air. And why not? Everything feels unstable, pressure points magnified: immigration policies, racial violence, sexual assault, LB...

  • Uber Air Taxis Take to the Skies Above Los Angeles, Dallas, Melbourne

    DPA|Jun 14, 2019

    Canberra (dpa) - Ride-hailing app Uber said Wednesday it will begin trialling its air taxi service in Australia's second-largest city next year. Melbourne will be third city in the world, after Dallas and Los Angeles in the US, to trial the Uber Air service that will transport passengers using electric aircraft. The trial flights will begin in 2020 and commercial operations are set to begin in 2023, Uber said in a statement. The Uber aircraft will be accredited by Australia's Civil Aviation...

  • Ivan Golunov Freed by Moscow Police, Journalist Allegedly Framed and Beaten by Police

    Peter Spinella, DPA|Jun 14, 2019

    Moscow (dpa) - Russian journalist Ivan Golunov has vowed to continue his investigative pieces after being released from detention. Dozens of people turned out to greet Golunov, 36, in Moscow after his release Tuesday. He vowed to continue with his work as usual. Earlier, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced that Golunov would go free because of the "unprovability" of the drug charge against him. Kolokoltsev also criticized the Moscow police case that has prompted a widespread...