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Break-In at 19th Street and Washington at 1:30 am Disturbs Three Women

Man had been living in the laundry room next to Santa Monica apartment

Three women who live at 19th Street and Washington told Santa Monica Police that a man was living in their laundry room, and eventually broke into their apartment early Thursday morning, 6/13/2019.

"The man entered through out window in a small apartment," posted one of the women on

"At about1:30am, my roommate saw him and started screaming and ran out - we think he left right after. There has been a man apparently sleeping In our laundry room for the past few days (about 10 ft away) so we think it may have been him (described as a skinny white male) but my roommate didn't get a good look at the guy because of how dark it was. We do not know motive but cops think it was to steal things. Everyone lock your doors and windows!" She added.

Police are investigating the incident. "Definitely not feeling the most safe but 5 cops were there within around 10 minutes and were very helpful and reassuring. They said break ins of this nature are not very common especially in the night time," she added


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