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Articles from the November 9, 2022 edition

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  • Wrong Way Driver Causes 4 Vehicle Collision Just East of McClure Tunnel in Santa Monica

    Matthew Gonzalez, Observer Staff Writer|Nov 9, 2022

    13. A DUI driver caused a 4 car collision after entering the freeway in the wrong direction Monday evening. A four vehicle collision caused by a wrong way driver, blocked traffic in both directions on PCH Monday evening. This where the PCH South transitions through the McClure Tunnel to the Santa Monica Freeway. Two patients were transported to local hospitals at about 7:40 pm PST. "Multi car traffic collision. It is a CHP handle. We are assisting with traffic control," says Lt. Rudy...

  • About to Walk the Dog? Dog Owners Warned That Their Pets May Consume Drugs on Los Angeles Sidewalks

    Prissi Cohen, Special to the Observer|Nov 9, 2022

    "Pet owners please be aware!" says a Post on Twitter. We've anonymized the names. "I walked Rover at 5 PM last night. When I came home at midnight he was lethargic and having difficulty walking. When I took him outside his back legs barely worked correctly. Of course I rushed him to the hospital." "When he walked in to the hospital, he went to sit down and fell over on his side. The med tech knew exactly what it was. Ready for this? He was stoned." "On our 5 PM walk he must've gotten Into T...

  • In Now Removed Report, NBC News Admits Pelosi Initially Told SFPD Everything was "Fine," and Walked back to Re-join DePape

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Nov 9, 2022

    Stan Greene may have been on to something. NBC News reports that there are many big questions in the Pelosi case. The NBC report says it is unclear what Pelosi and the suspect were doing in the house for the 30 minutes before SFPD arrived. It looks like our initial report about an acquaintanceship between Paul Pelosi and his attacker, David Depape, just might have had a little tiny bit of truth to it after all. And it looks like the media is trying to bury it. "NBC has removed this report from...