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 By David Ganezer    News    May 4, 2022

Fire at Electric Power Plant in Far Eastern Russia Said to be Caused by Staff Sabotage

Fire has broken out at a power generation facility on Sakhalin Island, Russia. The plant had become fully engulfed in flames Saturday morning, 4.30.22. Black smoke was seen billowing from the...

 By David Ganezer    News    May 2, 2022

Coyote Jumps Toddler, Bites Her Face on the Beach Near Huntington Beach Pier Thursday

A young girl was bitten in the face by a coyote on the beach. The attack happened a few hundred yards from the Huntington Beach Pier Thursday evening at around 10 PM. Security camera video captured th...

 By David Ganezer    News    May 2, 2022

Wow: Nancy Pelosi Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv to Meet Zelensky in Ukraine Capital During War with Russia, May 1

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi pulled off a surprise visit to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine on Sunday morning. She walked through the streets of the besieged capital with...

 By Sarah Storkin    News    April 27, 2022

Did a Female Member of Parliament pull a "Basic Instinct" move on British PM Boris Johnson to Distract Him? One Tory MP Thinks So.

Seriously, why can't we have the kinds of silly sex scandals Britain has? They're much more interesting. Angela Rayner is a Member of Parliament from the British Labour Party. She was sitting West of...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 27, 2022

Gov. of Belgorod, Russia Says Ukraine Fired a Rocket at an Ammunition Dump, Setting it on Fire

The Ukraine Armed Forces, outgunned as they are, apparently pulled off a rocket attack on an ammo storage facility across the border in Russia early Wednesday morning, April 27 2022 local time. "In...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 25, 2022

Ukraine Army Pulls Off Raid 100 Miles Inside Russia, Sets Second Oil Depot on Fire.

An oil depot is on fire and the probable cause is a raid by Ukraine army helicopters. The fire is in about 100 miles Northeast of Kharkiv, Ukraine in Bryansk, Russia. Secondary explosions at a differe...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 25, 2022

Rite Aid on Wilshire Blvd to Close Store Permanently. New Trader Joes to Open in Downtown Santa Monica

On Friday, April 29th, Trader Joe's will open a new Santa Monica location on 4.29. The new store is located at 500 S Broadway. Moments before doors open at 8am, there will be a brief ceremonial...


Accused Sacramento Shooter Freed via Prop 57; ACLU Helps Russian Oligarchs; RVs by Ballona Wetlands Lose Lax Parking Enforcement; Police Play Copyrighted Music to Avoid Citizen Filming and Other Stories: Monday Morning Memo

Courts & Rulings C.A. denies Gascón's plea to limit judges' reconsiderations The Court of Appeal for this district yesterday avoided the issue of whether a judge may reinstate dismissed special c...

 By John Grimaldi    News    April 22, 2022

Biden's Center for Medicare Deals Blow to Alzheimer's Patients and Research

WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 15 – In the first decade of the last century a young German psychiatrist discovered a new disease. But it took the worldwide medical community some seven decades to fully acknowl...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 20, 2022

Ukrainian Commander in Mariupol Appeals to the World to Provide them with Heavy Weapons and Break the Siege

Editors note: Ukrainian troops in Mariupol are confined to a large factory with 6 underground levels. There are thought to be 700 Ukrainian troops, outnumbered ten to one by Russian forces, in far...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 20, 2022

Photos of Cruiser Moskva After Being Hit by Ukrainian Missiles But Before Sinking, Emerge

A photograph of the Russian cruiser Moskva has emerged, during the 48 hours after being hit on April 14th, but before sinking. In the photo, the stricken ship displays missing panels on her sides,...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 19, 2022

Russia Broadcasts First Images of Survivors from Sunken Cruiser Moska. Only About 50 Men Visible on Russian TV

Update 4/17: The first video of survivors from the Russian Black Sea Cruiser Moskva has appeared in Russian media. It appears to show about 50 uniformed survivors from the crew of 510. Presumably...

 By Alyssa Erdley    News    April 17, 2022

Another Victim of Supply Chain Woes: Weather Balloons

April 12, 2022 - The National Weather Service says they have been forced to cut back on the number of their weather balloon launches because of global supply chain issues and an allegedly temporary...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 13, 2022

Ukraine Security Service Captures Viktor Medvedchuk, Leader of the Pro Russian Party in Ukraine.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) released a photo of Viktor Medvedchuk in police custody. "Putin's Best friend in Ukraine" as he is known, is seen in handcuffs and wearing a military uniform....

 By David Ganezer    News    April 13, 2022

USPO Refuses to Deliver to 14th and Arizona Anymore After Homeless Man Repeatedly Attacks Mail Carrier in Santa Monica

UPDATE: Santa Monica Police have identified a suspect in the mail carrier assaults. See

 By David Ganezer    News    April 13, 2022

Gilbert Gottfried, Comedian with Distinctive Voice, Dies at 67

Gilbert Gottfried died Tuesday after a long illness, his family announced. The actor and stand-up died after a long battle with the heart ailment recurrent ventricular tachycardia. Gottfried, 67, was...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 11, 2022

Crimea is One Big Prison Camp, Says Leader of Crimean Tatars. #Deserters are Shot, Stolen Ukraine Goods Fenced, Captured Ukrainians Imprisoned

What is the situation in Crimea today? It is a closed military zone, and during the Ukraine Russia war little information has come out. According to one source, from the native Crimean Tatar group,...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 9, 2022

Russian Soldiers Who Looted in Ukraine Outed on Social Media

Ukrainians have begun to post photos of Russian soldiers engaged in looting. Social media posts taken from security cameras and from other social media, such as Instagram, have been posted to...

 By Alyssa Erdley    News    April 9, 2022

Santa Monica City Worker Attacked By Homeless Man on Third Street Promenade

April 5, 2022 - This morning Santa Monica Police arrested and detained a homeless man who attacked a city maintenance worker on the Third Street Promenade. A witness says a homeless male confronted a...

 By Alyssa Erdley    News    April 7, 2022

Los Angeles County's Barbara Ferrer Warns of Future Masks and Restrictions as Covid Cases Level Off and Deaths Plummet

April 1, 2022 - At a media briefing yesterday, Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, grasped wildly for all available evidence she should maintain a...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 7, 2022

Dead Russian Soldier Replaced Kevlar in Vest With Looted Macbook

A Russian soldier killed in Irpin, Ukraine replaced the Kevlar in his vest with a stolen MacBook. It didn't work out too well for him, apparently. Or for the Macbook, which still has an uncracked scre...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 5, 2022

Russian Media Says Ukraine Staged Bucha Massacre, "Just like Mariupol Maternity Hospital Bombing"

4.3.22: Russian state owned website RT.COM alleges that the shootings of civilians in Bucha were staged. Bodies were brought to Bucha several days later, alleges the news source, quoting Russian...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 5, 2022

Mass Shooting Incident a Block from California Capitol Building in Sacramento Early Sunday Morning

Sacramento police are investigating a mass shooting incident in downtown Sacramento. The shooting followed a concert by rapper Taylor the Creator, at about 2 am Sunday. Sixteen people were shot. Six...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 5, 2022

California State Legislature Extends Eviction Moratorium to June 30, 2022, For Tenants Who Apply for Relief Funds

Hours before California's eviction moratorium was set to expire, the State Legislature extended renter protections through the end of June. The extension only applies to tenants impacted by COVID...

 By Preity Upala    News    April 5, 2022

GBK honors Hollywood's finest at the Oscar Awards Luxury Lounge 2022

March 31st, Los Angeles- This Award season, GBK, the veteran Luxury Lifestyle Gifting and special events company honored the 2022 Academy Award Nominees and Presenters by hosting its Annual Nominees...


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