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How2Girl Courtney Bingham Sixx and Fitness Guru Charlene Ciardiello Keep Their Cool Despite The Soaring Temperatures

Supermodel, iHeartradio host, Home Depot spokes person, writer and new bride, Courtney Bingham Sixx, (recently married to Motley Crue's Nikkis Sixx,) was seen working out on Ocean Avenue in sunny Santa Monica with Santa Monica Fitness expert Charlene Ciardiello.

Courtney was doing a photo shoot for a collaboration with 'Shut Up And Move' Fitness expert Charlene. The HOW2Girl fitness regime for the summer will show her followers and fans how to work out on a budget.

"Many gym fees can range anywhere up to $150 a month, for a few dollars and a little imagination you can create what ever you like. Home Depot sand bags are great to use as weights, an old fashion jump rope is a must, even a nearby rock can assist in push ups. Santa Monica is stunning, so why not get out and do it?" She beamed.

Her views are perfectly in sync with the Westside's #1 personal trainer and nutrition expert Charlene, " I agree with Courtney 100%, she is the How2Girl, and I am all about getting things done, less talking and more doing, just shut up and move is my mantra, she does, so we have the best relationship. Although we do actually talk a lot." She laughed.

"For $20 you too can create your own gym, the Ocean Avenue bluff is certainly the prettiest gym I have ever seen!" Quipped Courtney as the two headed off for their jog.

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