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Santa Monica's Own Award Winning Actress, Tanna Frederick Hosts Her Third Annual Camp Project Save Our Surf Day


Santa Monica award winning actress, Tanna Frederick, not only has an undeniably big career as an actress but she has an even bigger environmentally conscious driven heart and mind! When not staring in movies, plays or directing and writing Tanna keeps herself busy with Project Save Our Surf, a charity she co founded with former world champion surfer, Shaun Tomson.

Tanna recently hosted hosted her much anticipated third annual CAMP PSOS DAY at Inside The Outdoors beautiful Rancho Sonado location in the Silverado Mts. Rancho Sonado sits on 110 acres of wilderness with ponds, hiking trails and Eco leaning stations. Inside The Outdoors is an Outdoor Science School administered by the Board of Education, run by science teachers and naturalists.

Friends, volunteers and guests experienced a typical structured a day at CAMP PSOS. The day started at 10:00am with Eco-crafts where attendees made bracelets out of strips of paper with raffia, made key chains, and even earrings made out of aluminum soda cans and tree cookie name tags made out of wood.

Guests were then taken on an Eco hike by the programs naturalists to various learning stations where they learned about the Eco system and wildlife. At lunch time there was a presentation called "Garbology" a program where children are taught to reduce their trash by reusing their lunch bags and other items. The day ended with a live animal presentation with various animals such as chinchilla's, desert tortoises' snakes and lizards. The highlight was petting the Red Tail Hawk.

The guests left with a true understanding and respect for this award winning camp and a greater knowledge of how their donations are being utilized. The children left with a gift, the gift of learning to appreciate and enjoy nature whilst garnering a true respect for what the planet offers them.

Tanna left and went directly back to work to continue fundraising and to finish work on her new acting project!

**Camp PSOS provides scholarships each summer to 100's of underprivileged and under served children with a memorable and life changing camp experience. This program is funded 100% by donations raised by Project Save Our Surf which Frederick works tirelessly to promote and raise funds for.

On Saturday June 28th Tanna will be leading a group of PSOS volunteers to clean up the Santa Monica beach starting at 10am, Tower 28.

For more information on Camp PSOS or Tanna Frederick's career achievements, causes and upcoming projects please go to:


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