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Justin Beiber's Bizarre Behavior Raises Questions

Video released on youtube makes no sense

Justin Bieber has made a career out of grabbing headlines through bizarre behavior. But his antics the last week may have set some sort of record.

First there was the news that last night he was involved in a fistfight in Cleveland. There is a video on Youtube of him throwing punches at an NBA finals game. Even girlfriend Selena Gomez described the fight as "Stupid." That's undobtedly true, since the dude he got into the fistfight with is much much bigger than Justin.

He posted a photograph of himself 2 hours after the fight on his Instagram. "Not a scratch on this pretty boy," Bieber wrote.

Then there was the bizarre video also posted on Youtube, of him, err, singing in the shower.

He has recently posted pictures of himself stuck in a tree, sucking a pacifer

Yesterday, the Bieb posted his latest video showing him pensive, emotional, in tears. The singer told ET that "being emotional just shows how much I care about this project."

On May 10, Justin Bieber went barefoot in Boston - continuing a spree of bizarre behavior that began days ago, said the New York Daily News

The Canadian pop star was photographed by several onlookers in Boston on Monday roaming around without shoes, playing with a squirrel and lying down in a park with his earphones firmly inserted.

The "What Do You Mean?" singer, in town for two shows on his "Purpose" tour, hit up the Public Garden and Boston Common on his often shoeless jaunts, according to

He didn’t take kindly to gawkers.

“Lmaoo I was recording @justinbieber and he passed by me and said ‘don’t do that’ he was mad,” Twitter user @_SheWillBLoved captioned a video of the 22-year-old strolling down a sidewalk.

Another video on social media showed Bieber staring blankly as his bodyguard defended him from an earnest fan’s hug.

In a lengthy post shared to Instagram later, the Biebs affirmed he's not feeling the love for his fans.


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