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Santa Monica High Creepy Clowns are Creepier than Culver City High's, 6 to Nothing.

In his first e mail to parents, Santa Monica High School's new principal Shelton warned about Creepy Clowns. No, seriously.


October 10, 2016

CLOWN LIVES MATTER: Real clowns like Marko the Clown, are protesting the cheapening of their business model by creepy clowns. "What we do is serious!" He says.

In his first e mail to parents, santa monica high school's new principal Antonio Shelton warned about Creepy Clowns. No, seriously. We can't make up stuff like this. Here's the text of the letter:


Good afternoon.

This message is to inform you that our school district is aware of what is being described as a social media hoax that is being spread to schools/school districts across the U.S. and we have now learned, directed at Samohi. As with other schools that have received or seen the same threatening "creepy clown" message, we are actively working with law enforcement to investigate this matter. The safety and security of our students and staff must always be our first priority.

While law enforcement does not believe the threat is credible, as a precautionary measure we are taking additional steps to increase patrolling around campus. Classes are in session, instruction continues as normal, and we will continue to work collaboratively with law enforcement.

Schools and law enforcement do not take threats lightly. This social media post provides an opportunity to discuss with your student that "If you see something, say something" and that a threat against a school and/or any student is a felony offense, a crime that is punishable by law.

Thank you for your continued support of our students and our schools. We look forward to seeing all students at school tomorrow.

Thank you.

Dr. Antonio M. Shelton

The letter doesn't really explain the perceived problem. The 2016 clown sightings, also known as the Creepy Clown Epidemic and Scary Clown Epidemic, is a series of evil clown sightings reported in the United States, and to a lesser extent Canada, England, Mexico, and New Zealand, between August and October 2016. The clown sightings were first reported in South Carolina. While some sightings lacked evidence of criminal activity, others led to arrests. In Pennsylvania, a clown allegedly stabbed a high school student to death.

CLOWN LIVES MATTER: Real clowns like Marko the Clown, are protesting the cheapening of their business model by creepy clowns. He holds a picture of his deceased GF in her honor, as he performs on the Third St. Promenade in Santa Monica

Creepy Clown sightings in California: On October 4, clowns threatened Fairfield, Sacramento, and Vallejo public school campuses.

On October 5, a clown was accused of attempting to kidnap a one-year-old child in Concord. No arrests have been yet made.

On October 5, in the Los Angeles County city of Lancaster, three incidents of groups of people wearing clown masks and possibly armed with kitchen knives were reported to the police. No injuries were reported. In San Pedro, Los Angeles, two clowns were spotted by employees at Taper Avenue Elementary School & Technology Magnet. One clown allegedly had the writing "killer" printed on his mask.

On October 6, clowns were spotted at multiple schools including ones in Moreno Valley, Sacramento, and Beaumont. One clown allegedly walked around the school campus with a sign that WEARECOMINGTOCALI.


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