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LAPD Deputy Chief William Scott, 52, Appointed San Francisco Police Chief

His $278,00 a year annual salary will be half Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks' pay.


December 25, 2016

Scott, an African-American, was hired in the wake of several deadly police shootings.

A veteran LAPD deputy chief was appointed Tuesday to be the City of San Francisco's new police chief. His $278,00 a year annual salary will be about half of what Santa Monica pays its police chief, Jacqueline Seabrooks. No, seriously--Santa Monica pays her $478,000 a year. That's over twice as much. The City of San Francisco Police Dept. is ten times bigger than the SMPD. Think about it.

William Scott, 52, most recently served as the head of Los Angeles Police Department's South Bureau. The 27-year LAPD veteran will succeed acting San Francisco police Chief Toney Chaplin, starting in early 2017.

His $278,00 a year annual salary will be about half of what Santa Monica pays its police chief, Jacqueline Seabrook.

"The Bay Area's gain is LA's loss," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement. "Bill's tactical skills, intelligence, and kindness embody the spirit of our department. We credit his leadership in the successes we had stemming the surge of violent crime in the South Bureau."

His hiring comes as San Francisco works to implement changes to department policy, including use-of-force reforms, in the wake of several deadly police shootings. Scott is an African American.

The department underwent a sweeping review by the U.S. Justice Department, which has recommended 272 changes.

Scott's longtime administrative experience figured into the decision, as well as his work in the LAPD's professional standards bureau dealing with police reform, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He is just the latest LAPD veteran to be tapped to lead law enforcement agencies across the country, among them Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell, Detroit Police Chief James Craig and Green Bay, Wisc. Police Chief Andrew Smith.


Reader Comments

SMCityManager writes:

I would be delusional if the figures cited were correct. According to the San Francisco Chronicle on Dec. 20th, the starting salary for the incoming Police Chief of San Francisco will be 'approximately $316,000.' The salary for the Santa Monica Police Chief after five years on the job is $311,000. Some might consider that excessive, but it is a lower salary, not 'twice as much' The $478,000 is a total compensation package, including City contributions toward pension costs. I'm certain whatever the number is for the SF Chief's total compensation, it exceeds the number cited for Santa Monica.

smgreenbrenda writes:

I once made a comment about how obscene SM employees' salaries were, and Ted Winterer said it was because they have so much to do, including administering a cemetery! The real reason they are paid so much is so their unions will be sure the incumbent Council members always get reelected, and anyone SMRR endorses will be elected in the first place. This needs to change. Really.

smfirst1 writes:

The City Manager and administration are both delusional and self serving in justifying a city salary structure which is nothing short of obscene. How can anyone possibly justify Santa Monica taxpayers paying double that of San Francisco for a police chief?


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