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By Christine Peake
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Musical Benefit to Celebrate Increasing Tax Incentives to Keep Film & TV Production Jobs in California

Film Director Bill Duke, Producer Jonathan Sheldon, Actors Diane Ladd, Edward James Olmos, Esai Morales, Garrett Morris, Michael Colyar, Peter Kwong, Massi Furlan, American Bloomers Band, Dignitaries & Celebrities Support July 14th Bring Hollywood Home Foundation.


July 15, 2017

Dignitaries & Celebrities Support July 14th Bring Hollywood Home Foundation.

July 11, 2017, Santa Monica, CA: On July 14th, from 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM, at the 1931 Historic Harvelle's Nightclub (1432 4th Street in Santa Monica, CA) is where Bring Hollywood Home Foundation's Musical Benefit will celebrate increasing California's Tax Credit Incentives to keep Film & TV Production & Post-Production jobs in California. There will be a red carpet, tapas, auction, raffle and entertainment headliners by Bring Hollywood Home's leadership Jonathan and Jane Sheldon of the American Bloomers Band (nominated twice for best song in the American Music Awards). Confirmed guests include Actor/Director/Producer Bill Duke (Board of Trustees for the American Film Institute, Duke Media Founder and Author/Director of "DARK GIRLS"), Independent Film Producer of "SWING STATE" Jonathan Sheldon, Olympian Gold Medalist Figure Skater/Co-Founder of Bring Hollywood Home Gary Visconti, Actors Diane Ladd, Esai Morales, Garret Morris, Michael Colyar, Kathleen Bradley, Peter Kwong, Massi Furlan, Said Faraj, Dennis Anderson, dignitaries, celebrities, emcee Garry Hobday and guests. Confirmed musicians include Gary Mallaber, Garrett Morris. David Longoria, Shalini Varghese, Jimmy Reid, Deidre Vines-Williams, Dennis Flowers, Steve DeVoision and Rem J.

Bring Hollywood Home Foundations is a 501 (C)(4) non-profit organization with a mission to fight for jobs, to stop job outsourcing and to bring film and TV production and post-production back to California. What makes this night unique is that Independent Film Maker Jonathan Sheldon's Swing State is currently being distributed by Netflix. This comedy takes a shot at exposing the American culture of politics and voting. Sheldon won best director at the DTLA film festival in 2016 for his independent film. Sheldon, like hundreds of other independent filmmakers, was denied California tax credit incentives for his film because the state run screening process includes a quota of jobs, that the overwhelming majority of independent producers, who live here, could never qualify for, under the present law.

Bring Hollywood Home has written legislation (includes a 30 % incentive for independent productions up to $10M) led by co-founding advisory board member Bob Jimenez, that would give independent filmmakers a chance to work in California and be able to access the same kind of tax credits they get when they go to out of state to Georgia, Louisiana, New York and other states, that are far more generous to independent productions. "We at Bring Hollywood Home believe there is a great deal more to be done in California to create an even playing field for independent and women and minority led small and medium sized production companies. Breaking the code here in the state where Hollywood was invented, has been our challenge since 2010, when we founded the first 501 (C)(4) lobby non-profit, to represent those filmmakers now underrepresented in tax credits. Bring Hollywood Home is led by public policy professionals and independent filmmakers with a passion for fairness and first amendment rights." Says Sharon Hardee Jimenez, President, Co- Founder of Bring Hollywood Home Foundation

Sponsors include: Harvelle's Nightclub, American Bloomers, CPA Mark Greenberg, Family Theater Productions, Celebrity Society, Hollywood Science Fiction Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not! Hollywood, DA Ballinger Talent & Promotion, DJ Khlorinn, Visual Communications, Two Guys Grilling, Photography, Gretchen Nordham of Arbonne and Creative Charity Auctions. For more information and tickets, go to or contact Sharon Jimenez at 310- 409-3306/[email protected] (Donations are not tax deductible.). For PR & Media inquiries, email [email protected] RSVP Required.


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Ted737 writes:

At this moment in history, our energies would be better put towards things that nagger like healthcare and immigration not pet projects of the Santa Monica elite.


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