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Sick With Pneumonia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fights For Her Life, Setting up SCOTUS Battle

The 85 year old cancer survivor fights for her life after contracting Pneumonia

Update, 1/16/19: Justice Ginsburg today cancelled a public appearance set for January 29, 2019, as she remains in a hospital fighting Pneumonia. The elderly judge appears to be nearing the end of her life, as the Trump administration asks allies for suggestions to replace her. Jan 29 in LA - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cancels Public Appearance in Los Angeles Set for January 29 via @gatewaypundit

As any reader of the Santa Monica Observer knew last September, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed lung cancer. The 85 year old Supreme Court Justice had surgery as quietly as possible on December 22, 2018.

Following surgery, she has developed complications including pneumonia. Pneumonia often afflicts elderly post surgery patients in the US, since antibiotics have resulted in Multi Resistant Strains of the lung infection.

The left and the main stream media have tried to put on a brave face as Ginsburg missed three straight days of argument this week, interviewing cancer doctors to say that she would recover. They claimed that she was working in her hospital room, knowing that it was untrue.

No one in the media or in the Democratic party want to face the awful truth that President Donald Trump is about to replace one of the Court's most liberal justices.

When we broke the news in September,which we obtained from a confidential source in Justice Ginsburg's inner circle, the left went on attack. Our original story: labelled our prediction that Ginsburg would undergo cancer surgery then retire, #FakeNews. Sadly it wasn't.

Political stakes are very high when a US Supreme Court member retires or resigns. A new 50 year old Justice could be on the bench for 40 years, and there are only 9 justices.

In the wake of the bruising Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle, Democrats have proposed altering the number of Justices on the US high court to 18, and also to limit them to one 18 year terms. The number of Supreme Court justices is not set forth in the US Constitution. Another proposal would have Supreme Court justices rotate in from the Circuit Courts of Appeal.

On January 20, 2019, Fox and Friends accidentally displayed a graphic that Ginsburg has died.


Reader Comments(18)

Lenove writes:

I hope they are keeping her comfortable in the hospital.

Ann writes:

Yesterday, there was an anonymous post on 4Chan that says Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in a medically induced coma due to pneumonia. The poster claims to be someone close to Ginsburg, perhaps a part of the medical staff. Poster goes on to say the Democrats are planning on continuing with the story of Ginsburg working from home for as long as they can.

jipl writes:

Death Roe A young child has not a clue, That its life is about to be through. In what should be the safest place, Their life about to be erased. Hundreds of thousands every year, Will have stolen what we hold dear. Convicted of living in a womb, Now transformed into their tomb. America arrogantly lives a lie, Sentencing innocent children to die. The executioner has no burden of proof, Has no interest in hearing the truth. Our country is upside down, Abortion rampant in every town. A little heart beats at 24 days, Don’t expect any execution stays. Arm and legs torn apart, Forever silencing a broken heart. Another life about to fade, In innocent blood his feet Wade. Millions of coffins in a Roe, The winds of change starting to blow.

Steve writes:

Question is about Ruth Bader Ginsberg and if or when she's returning to court? I haven't heard anything lately.

zipperf writes:

The idea to increase the court to 18 justices is nothing new; FDR tried something similar. FDR wanted 12, not 9 and no President could nominate more than six Supreme Court justices, If you read any ideas such as these, they are not new. Old, failed ideas. A retirement age might be a good idea. Either 12 years on the court or retire by age 75 might be considered.

Edd writes:

What are your sources saying this week? Is she getting stronger as the supposed phone interview purports or is her staff just covering up a more serious health challenge? Many of us are prone to think something fishy is going on.

Ann writes:

In addition to the January 29th event being cancelled, somebody also cancelled the February 6th talk with David Rubenstein at 92Y. These were not re-scheduled - they were cancelled. If Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recovery is on track as the fake news media is saying, then why are these organizations not providing a rescheduled date?

JGB writes:

The Democrats will again fight to disapprove any upcoming Trump Supreme Court nomination during Senate hearings. But,again, they will lose. Instead of trying to help our country and its citizens, the Democrats have simply turned into Trump haters, just like the liberal media (CNN being the worst). Unfortunately, we all will pay for it with their continued animosity and the subsequent divisiveness it has created. We deserve better.

JerryBrickley writes:

For those concerned with her condition, an interview, or an outing demonstrating her physical capabilities would go a long way further than a spokesperson telling a prepared story. Riding her unicycle would settle all objections!

Walleyb writes:

Should be pretty easy to verify if she’s still in the hospital. I thought someone reported she was at home. What hospital is she in.

nonetosoon writes:

good riddance. a waste of air.

DancingCrab writes:

What will become of her Flying Monkeys?

DubyaDottie writes:

TiC TOC... Libs should not be allowed to use her taxidermied body to hold her place as Judge

Grits writes:

Liberal Logic: when losing, change the rules.....

Jaxk writes:

Fred asked, can you give a reference...? They themselves are the reference and obviously have excellent sources given they were completely correct about the cancer diagnosis.

Blogo writes:

Screw the liberals and anyone else that sides with them.A bunch of whinny sore losers. let me hope they all drop dead!!!!

Bisonburger writes:

what proposals? oh you mean the ones the feral left ALWAYS resorts to when losing? the degenerate half of the country had their chance to push this country into the dirt the last five decades, now it’s our turn, no chance on compromise, talk to us in 2065. too bad, so sad.

fred writes:

can you give a reference to Following surgery, she has developed complications including pneumonia...thanks in advance