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If Modi is Re-elected India's PM, it can only be Good for Trump and the United States.

The outcome of world's largest democratic exercise will have repercussions for the US.

With an Indian general election outcome looming in the horizon, the US must reflect on what this means for its relationship with India moving forward.

The outcome of world's largest democratic exercise will have repercussions for the US.

Whatever you may think of President Trump, it is apparent that he has a strategic ally and genuine counterpart in India. PM Modi and President Trump share a warm and genuine friendship and have mutual respect for each other. This is a far cry from the relationship that some of the previous US presidents and Indian prime ministers have shared in the past. Both Modi and Trump are leaders of the free world in a sense, both populists, although one is seen as a global inspiration and the other who is loathed as much as he is admired.

It has to be said, it does not help the US to have an adversary in the form of the world's largest democracy. It would only be a huge benefit if the leaders were to have a strong rapport. Modi and Trump have shared a warm relationship since they first met in 2017.

Let's take a look at the situation back home in India. The opposition parties who are contesting against Modi, do not have a share of any of the continued friendship with the US and none have had the experience of leadership on a global stage. It would be starting from the drawing board again, if the opposition would be to be victorious. The main opposition party , the INC- Indian National Congress, are known to be behind close doors, a "party for Muslims". Although Muslim make up less than 15% of the entire Indian population of 1.3 Billion, Muslim appeasement has long been a party policy of theirs. Their focus will be on regional and communal issues, and in trying to appease various groups, rather than establish better relationships with allies such as the US.

Indian Americans are the most affluent ethnic group, including white Americans, in the US, enjoying the highest media income. There is a huge support for Modi from the US-American diaspora who have had a reinvigoration of nationalism and patriotism since 2014 when Modi was elected for the first time. It was the reigning in of a new era, one that was free from corruption, dynast politics and the poor governance of the past several decades. The Indian Americans resonated with this hope deeply and set a record attendance during the PM's visit to New York in 2017. He continues to enjoy great support amongst this group who would no doubt like to usher him once again as the re –elected PM.

It is important to note that traditional Indian Dharma values are fully compatible with the west and the US constitution and they share qualities like strong family values, democracy, secularism and a strong moral compass. It is no surprise that there is little problem of assimilation within this diaspora.

It is the Dharmic culture that enables Indian immigrants to work hard, be respectful, adhere to the law of the land and hence why they are the most successful ethnic group where ever they go, US and beyond.

Current Trade between India and US is at an all time high. In the last 5 years, a lot of infrastructure has been built up making India a hot spot for foreign investments and with foreign conglomerates setting up plants and factories. Another Modi term will expound on this and be beneficial for both countries.

India is one of the strongest allies to the US in the fight against terrorism. They have recently adopted an Israel style "Zero tolerance policy" towards the state funded terrorism that gets exported from its hostile neighborhood. From the US perspective, India becomes a strategic player in the sub-continent area vis a Vis the afghan situation. There may come a time when the US deems it no longer useful to have their troops serving in Afghanistan, at which point they may retreat, leaving a void. The last thing the US would want is that this void be filled up with militants from either side- the Afghan rebels or the Pakistani Taliban, both of who have killed thousands of US soldiers. This is when it may be in the best interest of the US to have Indian troops there- a true ally they can trust. For all intents and purposes, the Indian army is a moral army showing restraint when necessary and have the ability to stabilize the region.

The intelligence reports on the recent Sri Lankan church bombing investigation have revealed the mastermind of the attack- the group (JEM) Jaish E Mohammed, a state funded terrorist group in Pakistan. The JEM group is also responsible for the 26/11 Mumbai hotel attacks- the worst on Indian soil since independence. India won a huge battle in the UN a week ago when the king pin of this JEM Massod Azhar was banned by the UN and categorized as an international terrorist. China had vetoed the ban several times before finally caving in and the whole world can now thank India for its dogged efforts. It may seem inconsequential, but in the world of terror funding, it is a huge set back for state funded terrorism when the capital is dried up. All of this could not be done without strong foreign policy and leadership, which comes straight from the top of the Indian state.

The largest democracy in the world and the oldest ought to have a strong alliance and it is crucial that the next PM of India values this relationship.

If Modi is to be re elected, then it can only be good for Trump and the United States.


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