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Larissa Love On Montana Avenue Opens To The New Retail Experience.

The last store to close her doors when Covid-19 lockdown was announced is the first to re-open

Larissa Love retail store on Montana Avenue today opened its disinfected doors to a new way of retail just in time for last minute Mother's Day. After almost two months of retail lockdown which has left an uncertain future for many retail stores, Larissa Love's owner has a smile and an optimistic view on this new world of retail.

Owner Larissa Love created her own line of organic and unique skin care, hair products, gourmet teas, candles and other gifts, and has over the years built a loyal customer base in the Santa Monica community as well as a popular online business.

She was notably the last store to close her doors when the lockdown was announced so it is no surprise she is the first to open. She candidly spoke about her Covid -19 experience and the effect on her business.

"Like everyone else I was so afraid of what was to come initially and it broke my heart to close my doors, I stayed here until the last minute. This is my life, I have put everything into my business. It was hard to adapt at first but I utilized my time at home working in my website and social media. Now I am happy to be back and abide by all the safely rules, I know it will be a slow transition but I want my customers to know I am here for them no matter how many show up. If I can make one person happy, I will. It's what I do."

What this means is Larissa Love now has a beautiful table in the store entrance complete with hand sanitizer and gloves. She takes orders on the phone or via email- and beautifully prepares the order to be collected at the door without physical contact. The curbside experience is quick, clean, safe and satisfying for both Larissa and her customers.

One of her first customers was local Santa Monica resident Chase Hansen, a 21 years old student at Santa Monica Community College, where he is studying music theory before transferring to either UCLA or USC.

"I am so happy to be able to get a gift for my mom and see a little hope of getting back to normal" said Chase. "I have been locked down like everyone for weeks and was a little stressed on what to get my mom, she is a fan of the skincare here so it's great to get something for her and still remain safe with the social distancing rules. I am grateful to Larissa for opening her doors and making the transaction smooth and her flawless gift wrapping makes my job easier." He laughed through his plaid face mask.

Whilst there to talk to Larissa for the Santa Monica Observer, I was treated to a surprise myself, thoughtful Larissa handed me a little something for Mother's Day. This extra and surprising touch makes it easier to understand why she is known to have the best store on Montana and her customers always come back! I know I will for sure!

To shop Larissa Love go to Or Call 310.729.0156. Or email


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