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The Vaccinated Were Over 10 Percent More Likely than the Unvaxxed to Contract Covid-19 This Past Week, According to LA County Public Health Data

To say the vaccines are losing efficacy seems an understatement

February 10, 2022 - According to data released today by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the vaccinated population contracted Covid-19 at a rate more than 10% higher than the unvaccinated during the week between February 3 and February 10.

Number of vaccinated individuals: 7,131,679 (71.2% of the county population)

Total number of new infections this week: 52,044

Number of infections in vaccinated people: 42,651

82% of the new infections were in vaccinated people during the past week. With the vaccinated making up 71.2% of the county's population and assuming the vaccine had zero effect on preventing infection, one would expect to see 71.2% of new infections among the vaccinated. Instead, they comprised 82% of new infections. The vaccinated appeared to be 10.8% more likely to contract Covid-19 this week than the unvaccinated.

The vaccines have not proven to be terribly effective at preventing transmission since data on the subject has been released by the LADPH, well below 40% during any given week. In looking at a longer time span, from June 1, 2021 to January 25, 2022, the average benefit conveyed by the vaccine was 9.7%.

This week, however, is the first time the benefit has proven to go negative and make it look as though the vaccine might actually be contributing to infections.


Reader Comments(7)

ShannonInOregon writes:

Santa Monica Observer-please do better than this for your data. You entirely miss the point of covid-19 vax in 2022. From Santa Monica, now in Portland, OR the best quick understanding of the vaccine importance is the daily graph published/posted on OHSUNews IG of numbers hospitalized, numbers in ICU, numbers on ventilators. Then look at how many in each category are unvaccinated (which includes just having 1 when it is a 2 shot series), fully vaxxed, and then boostered with the 3rd shot. For those not following along, it is color coded and super easy to compare at one glance. And should you still doubt that one day picture just go back to each day and see the graphs. Yes, we all can even end up hospitalized. The numbers moving from that point to ICU and then to ventilators are obviously mulitplied in numbers when not vaxxed fully. For example, the numbers of vaxxed with a booster on a ventilator is usually 0 or 1. The numbers of unvaxxed on ventilators are 10-20x that.

Heather writes:

There's a very simple explanation for this. LA has things like concerts and sporting events where the only the people that are vaccinated are allowed to go. On top of that... The Omacron variant is not being stopped by vaccines. Stop making it seem like the vaccine is actually attracting illness🙄🤦‍♀️

CrackheadBiden writes:

Wow. Over 42,000 breakthrough cases? Seems less like breakthroughs and more like a common occurrence. 🤷‍♂️

tails writes:

Your math is unbelievably wrong. We want 100% of infected to be vaccinated. You read that right, and I repeat, we want 100% of infected to the vaccinated. This means that serious illness and deaths are reduced by 90%. As we have fewer and fewer unvaccinated people, the chance of any one of them being infected decreases significantly. It is a paradox, but nonetheless true that the less effective a vaccine is for any metric, the MORE vaccination we need overall, not less, MORE. This is required to achieve overall vaccination effectiveness. As they say, the squeaky wheel needs the most grease............. And AnswerGrape's comment is completely backwards and is in fact the reverse of what should be stated.

AnswerGrape writes:

CHECK your math!!! If 82% WERE vaxxed, that means 18% we're NOT. That means more like 450% more likely, or 4.5 TIMES as likely. And, yes, this DOES show that taking the SUPPOSEDLY 'safe AND effective' experiment is, in actuality, more detrimental than helpful. This is EXACTLY what statistics on prior attempts to push Remdesivir showed, too: taking it proves MORE likely to result in DEATH than the placebo group! Absolutely TRUE!!! Try to think this through for YOURSELF: after YEARS of TRYING to extinguish the flu, it STILL prevails. And the common cold? It's NEVER been mastered, in spite of DECADES and MILLIONS on futile research. For Faux Xi et al to IMMEDIATELY jump on the soapbox with 'our ONLY hope is in a vax that we will have for y'all REAL SOON' was a TOTAL giveaway that he had an ulterior motive - having NOTHING to do with PUBLIC HEALTH in general and stopping the kung flu specifically! It was/is OBVIOUS!!!

Skeptic1 writes:

This article has no scientific references so should be treated as anti-vax propaganda.

SamoRes92077 writes:

This 10% number doesn’t even make sense, since the rate in unvaccinated isn’t being counted- in all likelihood most of the unvaccinated already got infected. At the end of the day it’s hospitalizations that matter.