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Three girls found unresponsive May 25th in Santa Monica had taken Ecstasy Laced With Fentanyl

They had ingested MDMA laced with Fentanyl. This is the suspected cause of the apparent overdose.

6.1.22: The three girls who overdosed last week in Santa Monica took MDMA pills (“ecstasy” in street lingo) laced with fentanyl. They suffered neurological damage per statement released today by Los Angeles County law-enforcement.

Fentanyl is considered to be the primary source of a wave of overdose deaths among youth in Los Angeles and other American cities. Most of the Fentanyl is manufactured in China and reaches the US through our porous Southern border. The girls were said by authorities to have purchased the Ecstasy pills online.

5.25: Three young women found unresponsive in apparent fentanyl overdose in Santa Monica. A large number of police and fire fighters responded to the incident, near Santa Monica college late last night. Two 16 year old girls were said to be in critical but stable condition.

A father had gone looking for his daughter, who sent him a text message. He came by to check up on his daughter, and discovered the three in distress.

One police source said the three had taken MDMA laced with Fentanyl. Speaking to Fox 11 news, Lt. Rudy Flores confirmed that was the suspected cause of the apparent overdose.

The incident happened near Santa Monica College late Tuesday night, but there is no information that any of the three were actually enrolled at SMC. Two of the girls are reportedly critical but stable. They are said to be 16 year old girls .


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