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Clashes in Colombia Leave 18 Dead; Bolivia Has Third Highest Hunger Rate in South America; Opponents of Ortega's Nicaraguan Government Jailed and Other Stories

InterAmerican Institute for Democracy does a roundup of Central and South American news

How the “narrative war” of the Iranian and Venezuelan regimes that seeks to free the figurehead of Nicolás Maduro, Alex Saab, works

Security analysts and investigators revealed the influence campaigns around the special agent for Tehran of the Chavista dictatorship, imprisoned in the US for a million-dollar corruption case. The Strategy of Increasing Anti-American Sentiment in Latin America...Read more >>


Who is Ilan Goldfajn, the Brazilian economist elected as the new president of the IDB

An economist with a technical profile, with a long career in international institutions and who does not represent any ideology or political party. With this presentation, Ilan Goldfajn managed to convince to be elected as the new president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)....Read more


Argentina - Venezuela

The Argentine ambassador in Venezuela and businessmen met in Caracas with the dictator Nicolás Maduro

The Argentine ambassador to Venezuela, Oscar Laborde, received dictator Nicolás Maduro at the official residence in Caracas, who went to the appointment accompanied by his wife, Cilia Flores, his son Nicolás Maduro Guerra, and the oil ministers, Tareck El Aissami; of Agriculture, Wilmar Castro; and of Office of the Presidency, Jorge Elieser Márquez. In addition, the meeting was attended by businessmen with interests in both countries from companies such as Biogenesis Bagó, Supermax, Isowean, Santa Clara, Rizobacter and De Vivar Agropecuaria....Read more >>



Morales asks for jail for members of the TSE who disqualified him and says "it's time to settle down"

The former president and leader of the MAS, Evo Morales, warned this Sunday against prosecuting the members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), who disqualified him as a candidate for senator in the 2020 national elections. In his opinion, the members of the Electoral Body and of the Constitutional Chamber who rejected an injunction in their favor "should be in jail"....Read more >>


Study shows that poverty in Bolivia grew by 8% between 2012 and 2022

The World Bank report reveals that in the region moderate poverty grew in all countries. In the case of Bolivia, an 8% increase is seen. However, the Government manages other figures in these indexes...Read more >>


Bolivia, the third in South America with the highest rate of hunger

Bolivia has the third highest rate of hunger in South America, according to the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2021. This situation -according to this report- uncovers inequality in access to food and lack of income for families. In addition, the study indicates that Potosí and Chuquisaca are in a serious situation....Read more >>



Colombia Records Highest Unemployment Increase in OECD

Unemployment rose four tenths of a percentage point in September in Colombia to 11.3% of the labor force, the largest increase that month of all OECD countries, where the overall unemployment rate remained stable at 4.9%, very close to the historical minimum....Read more >>


Clashes between illegal groups in Putumayo leave 18 dead and more than 15 families displaced

A total of twenty deaths and fifteen displaced families leave clashes between the illegal groups "Carolina Ramírez" and "Comandos de Frontera" in the villages of Los Pinos and Las Delicias in the inspection of José María, on the banks of the Caquetá river, rural area of ​​the municipality from Puerto Guzmán (Putumayo)....Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

Bolivia came out of the crisis, now it is entering misery

The almost two decades that the Movimiento Al Socialismo has been in power ―the administration of Carlos Mesa (2003-2005) was a co-government with Evo Morales― are characterized by only one thing: lies. They told Bolivia that they were a political party. But no, its structure and ways of operating are adapted to criminal gangs. They promised that they would take care of the indigenous people and nature. However, they mercilessly massacred the lowland ethnic groups. In addition, they destroyed the TIPNIS to traffic cocaine....Read more >>


The shadows that do not pass

A public tribute was recently paid to an exemplary citizen, the Cuban poet and former political prisoner Ángel Cuadra Landrove, an intellectual committed to freedom, who never made concessions to those who violate it. In times when we see creators in general, including artists, who do not stand up for the oppressed to avoid becoming a target for predators, or simply to avoid losing audiences, it is more than necessary to pay tribute to those who risk their lives and end up in prison for 15 years, as happened to Cuadra, whom Amnesty International named "the world"s prisoner of conscience" in 1981, the Pen of Sweden welcomed him as an honorary member and was appointed president of the II Congress of Intellectuals for the Liberation of Cuba....Read more >>



Nicaragua: Opponents of Daniel Ortega are imprisoned

Opponents of the government of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua are detained without explanation or formal accusation and without having appeared before a judge....Read more >>


Ortega seeks to reestablish his alliance with Nicaraguan businessmen

Political sectors have warned Nicaraguan businessmen about the serious consequences that the establishment of a new "anti-democratic pact" with Sandinista dictator Daniel Ortega would have for the country....Read more >>


Ortega regime denies visits to imprisoned opponents

In El Chipote, a prison operated by the Judicial Assistance Directorate (DAJ) of the Managua Police, more than 40 opponents are being held. Among them are several former presidential candidates detained in the run-up to the 2021 elections, in which the dictator Daniel Ortega won a fourth consecutive term since 2007. But in the dungeons of the regime there are another 150 political prisoners who were detained before and in the context of the April 2018 protests....Read more >>


The Catholic Church in Nicaragua is experiencing its most difficult year: 127 attacks by Daniel Ortega's regime

According to this report, from 2018 to October 2022, there have been 396 attacks against the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, of which 127 occurred this year. The author notes that from 2018, when massive protest marches against the Ortega regime took place, until 2021 there was a decrease in aggressions. However, starting in 2022, there was an unprecedented increase that made it the worst year for the Catholic Church in the country....Read more >>


Nicaragua - Bolivia

Former Sandinista guerrilla described Evo Morales' support for Daniel Ortega as "shameful"

He gave regret to that tweet from Evo because he expresses a backwardness and a binary approach to politics that does not sympathize with the real situation that the peoples are experiencing. Enough of using the CIA's 'monkey' to justify anything. In 2018 there was a popular uprising as a result of the regime's actions. It wasn't some big coup or any big plan by the CIA and that is totally proven. To manage, four years later, that all the repression that is happening in Nicaragua is in response to that alleged CIA plan is to be short-sighted and can only be explained by an absolute ignorance of what is happening...Read more >>



Congress of Peru admits complaint against Pedro Castillo for corruption

On Wednesday night, the subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations of the Peruvian Congress accepted the processing of the complaint filed by the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, against President Pedro Castillo for alleged acts of corruption during his 16-month administration....Read more >>


Regional Security

TikTok can be used by the Chinese regime as an “aggressive weapon”, the FBI warned

Wray told lawmakers that China's autocratic regime could use the app to control the data or software of millions of users, and its recommendation algorithm -- which determines which videos users watch next -- "could be used for influence operations." if they so wish”....Read more >>



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