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Uruguyan Parliament Celebrates Solidarity with Palestine; Over 15,000 Political Arrests in Venezuela since 2014 and Other Stories:InterAmerican Watch Newsletter

Cocaine enters Europe with produce shipments


Cocaine is flooding into Europe and it's terrorizing cities

Cocaine often hitches a ride from Latin America in the same ships that carry produce. The drug is swamping Europe, and some communities have been terrorized. Latin America is experiencing history's largest boom in cocaine production. And record quantities of it are landing in Europe, the world's second-largest market for the drug after North America, according to United Nations figures....Read more >>


Joseph Humire: "Disinformation has become a strategy of war against democracy"

In dialogue with DEF, from Washington, the executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS), an expert in transnational organized crime and terrorism, analyzes the progress of disinformation campaigns in the region and the challenges facing the democratic system in the Western Hemisphere...Read more >>



Patricia Bullrich will criminally denounce Alberto Fernández and 19 governors for sedition and treason

The president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, together with the national deputies Fernando Iglesias and Sabrina Ajmechet, will present tomorrow a criminal complaint against President Alberto Fernández for the crime of sedition and treason following the announcement of disobeying the Court's ruling Supreme Court that sided with the City of Buenos Aires in the claim for the cut in co-participation funds....Read more >>



Cadem Survey: distrust grows in Gabriel Boric and 60% believe that crime should be a priority by 2023

President Gabriel Boric closes the year with the last Cadem survey of this 2022 with complicated figures. His approval remained at 30%, but his disapproval managed to increase two points compared to last week's edition and stood at 66% ....Read more >>



The mother of 2 sisters political prisoners in Cuba dies "asking for freedom"

During the night of last Friday, the mother of the sisters Angélica and María Cristina Garrido Rodríguez, political prisoners for demonstrating against the Cuban regime in the popular uprising of July 2021 in Mayabeque, died. The news was given over the weekend on his social networks by Luis Rodríguez Pérez, Angélica's husband, who described his mother-in-law as another "victim of sadness"....Read more >>


Human Rights

This Christmas, let's remember the plight of political prisoners around the world

Like the Castro brothers, Díaz-Canel has always been an unscrupulous authoritarian. But since July 11, 2021, when Cubans from all over the island took to the streets to protest against the regime with shouts of "Patria y Vida", the dictator has tightened his grip on him. Today, the Cuban "authorities" have imprisoned more than 1,000 political prisoners, including at least 45 minors, and are imprisoning dozens more every month....Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

In Peru, the twisting of facts, falsification of the narrative and violence that occurred in Bolivia is being repeated

Pedro Castillo, as President of Peru, perpetrated this past 7th of December a coup d'état. He dissolved Congress, the Judicial Branch, the Constitutional Tribunal, and the Prosecutors' Office in order to govern by legal decrees and call for a Constituent Assembly, but he failed because Congress ousted him so that a constitutional succession could occur and Castillo was arrested and legally charged. This true fact, with the entire world as witness, is being supplanted with the fallacy of presenting Castillo as a victim to justify the conspiracy and violence, repeating the narrative that was imposed in Bolivia to cover-up the crimes of Evo Morales and his regime ....Read more >>


Argentina, Soccer and a Rare Phenomenon

We've all seen the pictures. They deserved to win. It was a match "not suitable for the faint of heart," with a 2-0 score almost until the end. Suddenly the French tied the match. The Argentines scored another goal again in the last moments. The Argentines believe they have won. It is not "possible" that France ties again. It is total delirium among the Argentine fans on the stands. A great goal by Kylian Mbappé and France ties again....Read more >>


The embarrassing spectacle of the Uruguayan Broad Front around the Arab-Israeli conflict

On December 14, an extraordinary session of the Uruguayan House of Representatives commemorated the international day of solidarity with Palestine. Deputies from the Broad Front took the floor expressing more than solidarity with Palestine. The event turned into a pitiful spectacle where speakers spoke uncritically and unnuanced of the complex conflict in the Middle East....Read more >>


Attack on Peru

No one should doubt that the Government, and more broadly the institutions that are part of the constitutional rule of law, are being attacked not only by vandals and subversives who destroy airports, block highways and burn down premises, a violence that has caused 26 deaths and hundreds of injuries. , but also, on the external front, by regimes that make up the bloc of 21st century socialism....Read more >>


Nostalgia for what was not

This new anniversary of Castroism, 64 years, leads those of us who lived that morning of January 1, 1959, to reflections and sorrows, because unfortunately, six decades later, Cuba finds itself in a more precarious situation than during the colonial period. , despite the trust that a large sector of the population placed in the leader of those bearded men disguised as Catholics....Read more >>



Daniel Ortega called the police chief sanctioned by the United States for human rights violations a "hero"

The dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, called the deputy director of the National Police, Ramón Antonio Avellán Medal, a "hero", whom the US sanctioned for allegedly committing significant acts of violence and violation of human rights....Read more >>


The Ortega dictatorship increases its hostility against the Catholic Church

The persecution, the escalation of attacks and insults against the Catholic Church does not seem to stop or have limits for the Sandinista dictator Daniel Ortega, some fear further attacks and believe him capable of even banning the Catholic faith in the country....Read more >>



The Puebla Group joins the judicial assault of Sánchez and his partners

...the Puebla Group, that platform dedicated to cleaning up the image and extolling tyrants and satraps like Nicolás Maduro, Evo Morales or Cristina Kirchner, what it defends in Spain is the takeover by the Government of Sánchez and his partners communists, terrorists and separatists of the Constitutional Court, the body in charge of ensuring that the action of the rest of the powers in Spain adheres to the letter of our Magna Carta....Read more >>



"We do not forget them": a general recalled that 105 political prisoners will spend Christmas in the prisons of Venezuela

"There are 105 soldiers imprisoned for dissenting from the current Venezuelan regime, most of the crimes charged are treason, state terrorism, incitement to rebellion and conspiracy. The grades and hierarchies of the military defendants are located in the grades and hierarchies from Major General to Corporal Segundo. In a true democracy there are no political prisoners," says retired brigadier general (Av) Eduardo Caldera, estimating that hundreds of political prisoners in Venezuela's prisons and detention centers will receive a new year without justice....Read more >>


The Penal Forum affirmed that the Maduro regime maintains 274 political prisoners in Venezuela

The Penal Forum added that 15,777 "political arrests" have been registered since 2014 and that, in addition to the so-called political prisoners, "more than 9,000 people continue to be subjected, arbitrarily, to measures restricting their freedom"....Read more >>



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