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Barricade Situation at American Motel on Lincoln Boulevard North of Arizona

Barricaded individual reportedly has a shotgun that she discharged, Police want to remove her from her room.

Update 5:10 pm: SMPD tweeted: "The standoff in the 1200 block of Lincoln Boulevard has been resolved. Thank you for your patience as this individual was taken into custody without significant incident. Please wait for police and fire vehicles to leave before trying to enter the area.'

July 9, 2023 - Santa Monica Police have barricaded Lincoln Boulevard and 9th Street between Arizona and Wilshire Boulevard because an individual has barricaded herself in her room at the American Motel and discharged a shotgun, sources at the scene report. There are 4 blocks cordoned off, between Wilshire and Arizona, and between 9th Street and 7th Street.

The situation was first reported on the 411 SMAlert system at approximately 12:15 pm on Sunday afternoon. At 3:07 a new alert advised the public to continue to avoid the area. SWAT teams are in the street around the motel.

Described as a "budget-friendly" motel on Santa Monica Travel and Tourism's website, reviews of the motel include "all night I heard homeless people arguing" and "please please please, no matter how tired you are - keep driving!" rather than stay there. Another review says, "Full of local charm. Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere."

Business and property owners have been warning Santa Monica's elected leaders and staff since before the pandemic lockdowns that conditions in downtown Santa Monica have deteriorated to a dangerous level. Homeless individuals deal drugs, publicly defecate and fornicate, and shoplift at will with zero intervention from law enforcement. Other local hotel owners, particularly of the higher-end hotels, have also warned the city that tourists are no longer coming to Santa Monica because of the lawless environmentand their businesses are threatened.

The city manager, David White, recently pledged his support of a "harm reduction" program that consists of distributing needles to enable drug use in Reed Park, about a block from the current barricade situation.


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