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Sikh Convenience Store Owner in Stockton, CA, Beats Man Robbing the Store's Inventory

The owner was repeatedly told by a counter clerk and a grocery store robber that "there ain't nothing you can do," and that "ay, just let him go" , but beat him with a stick instead.

In a viral video, a Sikh grocery store owner beats a man stealing his inventory with a stick. The owner was repeatedly told by a counter clerk and a grocery store robber that "there ain't nothing you can do," and that "ay, just let him go" as the man loaded his inventory into a trashcan on wheels. The Sikh man, identified as the owner, disagreed and takes out a stick to beat the robber.

"South Asian business owners in Stockton bravely defend their livelihood against perpetual theft. People are reaching the breaking point." tweeted Asian Dawn. "Hold my turban!"

The video was posted the morning of 8/2/2023, and may be seen on twitter:

The Sikhs are an Indian ethno-religious group who follow a strict moral code set by Guru Nanak 500 years ago. There are at least 30,000,000 followers around the world, including 2% of Canada's population. Young Sikh men undergo mandatory paramilitary training.

California has also had innumerable robberies after passing proposition 147, lowering the penalty for the theft of less than $950. George Soros backed prosecutors such as Manhattan's Alvin Bragg and LA's George Gascon, no longer prosecute misdemeanors.

Critics say the modern American political left is more concerned about achieving racial equity, than enforcing traditional concepts of law and justice. Retail theft is dismissed as a "lifestyle crime" that should not be prosecuted.


Reader Comments(4)

Grumpy writes:

It is critical we stand shoulder to shoulder with this store owner. If we fail, then we are forfeiting our rights to be able to support ourselves and feed our families.

Gabhagwan writes:

Dont mess with Sikhs. They represent Indians finest military traditions and are the backbone of the Indian armed forces. These small store owners operate on a small margin. They do not live on government handouts . The thieves deserved what they got. Indian Americans stand by our brave compatriots. Democrat politicians take note.

Based writes:

We need more of this in California to clean this cesspool up. We obviously can't rely on our lawmakers to do the right thing, police are powerless.

bigboy42069 writes:

Y’all are stupid as hell if you think anyone thinks crimes shouldn’t be gone after in the name of equality. Nobody said that and this is just dumbass fodder. Get a real job instead of writing “news” about twitter videos and trying to make them political. Losers.