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One of the Hamas Killers and Rapists of Shani Louk has been Identified by Social Media Photos: Mahmoud Abourjila

Reaction on Twitter was swift: "It's barbaric, marching a girl's naked corpse, it's unforgivable." #gaza

One of the Hamas operatives who murdered a German-Israeli girl and paraded her naked body around Gaza on the back of a truck, has been identified. Reportedly, his google phone was hacked abroad. Update 11.16.23:

"This is the power of the internet," tweeted Visegrad 24, a Lithuanian news source. "We have identified a murderer. This is Mahmoud Abourjila. He is one of the killers of 22 year old German Israeli Shani Louk. He took part in parading her naked dead body on a Hamas pick up truck. The other killers will be identified soon."

"Mahmoud Abourjila was identified thanks to having uploaded a number of pictures to his Google phone account which shows him wearing the same polo-shirt, pants and sandals as he is wearing in the infamous video with him holding Shani's hair on top of the pick-up truck" continued Visegrad 24.

"Most of the pictures uploaded on his phone's Google account have tagged locations, continued Visegrad 24. "Most of them are ca 15km from where Shani was attacked. In a picture dated from August 22nd, he was wearing the same polo-shirt as Shani's murderer from the pick-up truck video."

Louk's lifeless body was seen Saturday morning. She has since been identified by her mother, who is not sure whether her body is dead or alive. She did say that someone in Gaza attempted to use Shani's debit card.

"I hope he pays dearly for what they did to Shani Louk, tweeted TruongPham. "It's barbaric, marching a girl's naked corpse, it's unforgivable."

"His days are counted, tweeted Vlad BCrypto. "FAFO Mahmoud Abourjila"

"All pictures with first and last name must be published!!!" tweeted XStatisx.


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