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Stanford University Hires Critical Race Theory Specialist to Tell Students "The Jews Had It Coming," The Week of the Biggest Pogrom Since 1945

Shaming white people for their "privilege," is central to Critical Race Theory, or CRT

Scandal erupts at Stanford University after Ameer Hasan Loggins, a Stanford instructor, made Jewish students stand in a corner so that they could "feel what Palestinians have been feeling for decades." He also belittled the Holocaust while doing it.

Shaming white people for their "privilege," is central to Critical Race Theory, or CRT. CRT is the most racist philosophy to be taught at American schools and universities in 50 years.

"No scandal. He was immediately dismissed. End of story." tweeted Kali. (We are unable to confirm whether this is true).

"It should be easy to figure out which professors to fire now." tweeted Jay Kess.

"He better start sprucing up his LinkedIn, maybe Hamas will offer him a role as a Human Shield," tweeted Chairman Mao.

"Fire him," tweeted Sam Hale. "Then find whoever hired him and fire them too. After which, comprehensively review all hiring decisions made in that - or associated departments."

"So this is the instructor, at Stanford university, who asked Jewish students,in his lecture, to identify themselves, had them all stand in a corner and belittled the Holocaust - so Jews could relate to Palestinians. Why am I not shocked?" tweeted Lisa.

“Identify yourself” is the the same method the Nazi used on Jews before sending them to their dead. The professor has to be fired and Stanford University authorities needs to apologize for hiring him in the first place,” tweeted Isaac Katz.

A very long letter from Stanford University to Alumnae and parents, contains the following reference to Loggins about 5 paragraphs down: We have received a report of a class in which a non-faculty instructor is reported to have addressed the Middle East conflict in a manner that called out individual students in class based on their backgrounds and identities. Without prejudging the matter, this report is a cause for serious concern. Academic freedom does not permit the identity-based targeting of students. The instructor in this course is not currently teaching while the university works to ascertain the facts of the situation.


Reader Comments(2)

Cat402 writes:

Great job hiring on diversity standards alone! When you choose color over quality you get hate filled racists that are anti American and have no business being in the USA. Pull his visa and send him back to Africa! He can be hate filled and racist back in his own country andeave our kids alone terrorist supporter!!!!

anonynous writes:

I think he has just been suspended, not fired, Stanford did not want to upset his incredible sensitivity, this abhorrent individual does not have a place in any academia, what is more disgusting is how many poisonous spawns he cast while teaching, this person just has poor impulse control, we now have to watch out for his devout disciples who would be out there to identify us jews in the workplace and at schools to harm our careers and to humiliate us