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Pro Palestine Protester Commits "Homicide" on Jewish Man in Westlake Village, Confirms Ventura County Sheriff. Photo of Suspect Released

Paul Kessler, 69, was evacuated to a hospital, where he was pronounced DOA. Pro-Hamas protester hit him over the head with a megaphone, killing Kessler

Update 11.7.23: It’s unclear that anyone actually witnessed the suspect hitting the victim over the head with a megaphone. Some accounts are that he simply shoved Kessler, who then tripped and fell, smashing his head on the concrete. For this reason, it is not currently clear that anyone will be charged with homicide over the incident.

There were competing pro Palestine and pro-Israel rallies across Westlake Blvd from each other. Kessler had crossed the street to confront the suspect, which is also a fact militating against a prosecutor filing the case as a homicide. In a murder trial, the defendant’s intent is important. Here, the suspect called 911 to report an injured man, before Kessler died.

Paul Kessler, a 69 year old Jewish man, was murdered by Pro-Hamas protesters in Westlake Village. Kessler was hit over the head with a megaphone, by a pro-Palestinian protestor. He fell back and also hit his head on the pavement.

The victim was evacuated to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The Ventura County Sheriff has confirmed Kessler's death. The confrontation occurred in Westlake Village, a suburb of Los Angeles, on Monday afternoon at about 5 pm PST.

The Ventura County Sheriff confirmed Paul Kessler has died from a critical head injury after being assaulted by a Palestinian activist who hit him over the head with a megaphone. They say they are investigating the case as a murder.

According to a witness, a verbal altercation broke out after a young Palestinian supporter saw Kessler holding an Israeli flag. The assailant then struck him over the head with a megaphone and he began bleeding and fell to the ground. Kessler was rushed to a nearby hospital but died from a brain hemorrhage.

Video of the incident may be seen at

Video Source: @StopAntisemites News Source: @ynetnews.

"You are going to pay @UBC, @Columbia, @Harvard @upenn for enabling this," tweeted Apu. The reference is to anti-Israel, pro-Hamas, anti-semitic rallies that have taken place at American Universities. The same crowd behind the BLM rallies in 2021, is said to be behind the pro-Hamas rallies.

An earlier version of this article erroneously listed Kessler's age as 65. It also erroneously said the LAPD was investigating.


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