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Dead Body Found in Palisades Park, Between Broadway and Colorado Avenue

The body of a man was found in Palisades Park just North of the Santa Monica Pier. This on Saturday morning, January 13, 2024. Santa Monica Police are investigating and released no further information at this time.

About 2 or 3 deceased homeless people are found in Santa Monica every week. Santa Monica has a homeless population of around 3000 at any given day.


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Deadinsamo writes:

The article says 2 to 3 dead homeless are found in Samo each week? Samo is a Trap City controlled by Big Brained Telepathics that Hunt and Kill Human people. It's like the lambs coming to the Wolf's den. They are being slaughtered. There are no social services and no shelters in Samo each or Venice for Human people who are told to hide at night on the beach. The problem is Santa Monica not the Homeless. With resources and shelters there would be no homeless. So who is stealing all the money that is supposed to help the homeless. Santa Monica and it is time to riot against the puppet government at City Hall 2 to 3 dead people a week? Can we get that down to Zero per week? From Hell in Santa Monica, Wayne Manzo, PhD Exiled NASA PhD Golden Eye TV. Wayne's World.