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Girls, Beware of Homeless Men When Walking on Barrington Avenue Between Santa Monica Blvd and Iowa in West LA

When a young woman stepped into the street to avoid a large pile of clothing on the sidewalk, a homeless man tried to trap her. Until this happened.....

Girls, beware when walking down Barrington between Iowa and Santa Monica Blvd!!! It happened to me on Barrington, right at the bus stop near the south east corner of Santa Monica Blvd.

There was a huge pile of clothings blocking the pavement. When I somehow tried to pass the point, a homeless man over there looked at me and bumped into me. I instinctively moved to the side to avoid it and said "Hey". He then became confrontational and tried to follow me yelling "Hey what? Hey what?". Our shoulders brushed against each other, but a big collision was avoided.

Extremely fortunately, there was another man on the other side of the pile (that's right, off the pavement) -- this man sounded nice and clear, he isn't a homeless, I'd say. He successfully intervened and let me go. I wonder what it would be like if there hadn't been this man.

It was around 6 PM. And BTW, why is the pavement so dark on that block!?

Anyway. I see a big pile of clothings there from time to time. I'm a frequent donater, use drop boxes as well, but it's horrible to see a couple of drop boxful of items piling up on a pavement as if they are rubbish, and more importantly, *jeopardizing the safety of local residents*.

So, I wanted to give my lovely neighbours a caution. Don't walk there on your own after sunset. It's on the east side of Barrington.

(The photo was taken today, Thursday, Jan 25, which is the day after the incident. The pile is much smaller now, but the tent is blocking the pavement so that pedestrians have to walk on the road.)


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Jon writes:

West LA along SM Blvd. near the 405 has come to be among the worst places in Los Angeles for drugged homeless vagrants. Near the UCLA Thrift Store on Massachusetts/Sawtelle, and the 7-11/Subway strip center, they lounge the days away, blocking sidewalks and worse. I saw a woman face down in a pile of her own trash and debris, semi-conscious, along the freeway wall last summer, on a 90 degree day. The blame for this worsening mayhem, I'm told by sympathetic West LA cops, lies with the leadership inside that police building in West LA. They, perhaps under pressure from Karen Bass, apparently like things the way they are. About a year back I had a drugged woman, underwear down to mid thigh and chest fully exposed, hassling me as I was trying to pump air into a tire at the SK gas station. If you disapprove of this, don't vote for progressive, lefty candidates like Lindsey Horvath, Nithya Raman, and people like Gleam Davis/Caroline Torosis/Jesse Zwick (Santa Monica city council)

Bonnie writes:

This is pathetic, disgusting, and outrageous. Upstanding, taxpaying citizens' safety and lives are being harmed, endangered, and threatened by anarchist, unemployed, drug using losers. Why do people stand for this? Why aren't normal people saying something to their elected officials via email, phone, etc. every day? Do you want to live in a dystopian hellhole where people are assaulted, raped, and cannot traverse a public street? I cannot understand where half of the country is coming from that seeks to encourage this anti-law, anti-courtesy, anti-basic ability population to exist. You really want a whole group of people to be brain dead and attacking law-abiding citizens? I just don't get it. I am so sorry for this child. It is not right. This is not a memory she should be forced to have because the government and law enforcement refuse to do anything to have clean and safe streets.