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  • SMC Cancels Live Classes; But No Confirmed cases of coronavirus at Santa Monica College.

    Janet McLaughlin, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 13, 2020

    Starting next Wednesday, classes will switch to online. All extra curriculars, travel, and clubs have also been cancelled Santa Monica College has now joined the long list of schools shutting down to contain the spread of Covid-19, or Coronavirus. Early this evening, SMC announced that all classes are going to be cancelled starting on Friday. And next Wednesday, classes will switch to online. All extra curriculars, travel, and clubs have also been cancelled. All volunteer activities by students...

  • First Coronavirus Case Reported in Venice Beach, California on Thursday

    Janet McLaughlin, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 11, 2020

    A Venice man was infected with Coronavirus while on a skiing trip in Italy last week, his nephew posted Thursday on social media. We have edited the post only to remove the man's identity. It is below: "My uncle just tested positive for the coronavirus. He lives in Venice, CA. I've not been in direct contact with him, so we are not at risk from him, but I want to relay how the health department has managed his case. He was skiing in the Italian alps with 6 other guys. 4 of them, including my...

  • Vaxxed Bus Rolls Into Santa Monica It is hard to watch. But even harder to live through

    Janet McLaughlin|Feb 2, 2020

    The Vaxxed bus rolls into town. It parks outside of the Laemmle Theater, in downtown Santa Monica. On the outside of the bus, there are nearly 10,000 names. All painstakingly written by hand, a lot of hands. Inside are the echoes of their voices, their tears, their sorrow. Polly Tommey has heard them all. Day after day, week after week, she works from early in the morning, sometimes until midnight, to try and accommodate the crowds. Because, she says, they are desperate for someone to hear...

  • SMPD Arrests Transient Joseph Jean Gilbert, 30, in Assault of 87 year old Retired Doctor

    Janet McLaughlin, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 16, 2019

    Santa Monica Police have arrested 30-year-old transient Joseph Jean Gilbert, for assaulting an elderly man. Long-time Santa Monica resident Dr. R.L. Wong was buying coffee at the Coffee Bean on 9th and Wilshire, on Saturday morning. The 79-year-old man,, who uses a cane, then walked slowly to the corner of Lincoln and Wilshire. The corner is bordered by Reed Park, Chase Bank, 7-11, and the Prosper Hotel. There is also a city video camera at the intersection. Right after he crossed the street,...

  • Exactly Whose Well Being Did Santa Monica Summit, anyway?

    Janet McLaughlin, Special to the Observer|Nov 27, 2019

    The City of Santa Monica just held a one-day, quarter million dollar "Wellbeing Summit" to discuss how happy the city's residents are, which made many residents unhappy. I'm not sure the city understands why, and the darker question is, do they even care why. Four years ago, Santa Monica decided to become the first city in the world to measure the wellbeing of their citizens. Back then, we had a lot to be happy about. We were only the 40th most crime-ridden city in the state, per capita,...

  • Second Bicyclist near-fatality Accident Closes down busy Santa Monica streets

    Janet McLaughlin, Special to the Observer|Sep 18, 2019

    Two cyclists in as many days have been seriously injured on busy streets in Santa Monica, forcing the closure of main arteries for several hours. The first one happened at 4:30 Thursday, on 20th and Santa Monica Blvd. A teenager on a Jump bike was struck by a Mini Cooper. Surrounding streets were closed for several hours while Police investigated the scene. Then on Saturday a young man on a bike was hit at 3121 Wilshire Blvd, also at around 4:30. Eastbound Wilshire was closed from Berkeley to...

  • Home Invasion Robbery During Back to School Night Disrupts Ozzie and Harriet Neighborhood

    Janet McLaughlin, Special to the Observer|Sep 16, 2019

    It was dinnertime last night on Pine Street, in what has been dubbed the "Ozzie and Harriet" neighborhood of Santa Monica. A resident arrived home, to find an armed burglar in his house. As the robber pointed his gun at him, the resident ran out the door and called Police. While SMPD was enroute to the 1100 block, the burglar continued stealing items from the man's home. But once he saw the cops, he fled the scene, and barricaded himself in the backyard of a home on Cedar. The family was home at...