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Articles from the March 11, 2020 edition

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  • Nikki Kris, an unassuming beauty from Texas Drives Her Pickup in LA to Avoid Clowns

    Rachel Ganz, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 11, 2020

    CLOWN FEAR, a movie directed and written by Minh Collins is a true Horror Film or Dark Comedy held its Red Carpet Premiere and Post Party at the Laemmle Fine Arts Theater, 8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills on Saturday evening, February 22, 2020. Its film stars included Sadie Katz, Nikki Kris, Randy Wayne, Augie Dukes, Tiffany Brooke- Fest and Courtney Akhbar. I was able to chat and interview actress Nikki Kris, an unassuming beauty from Texas who still loves to drive her pickup truck around...

  • Person Working the BNP Paribas Tennis Open Contracts CoronaVirus. Possibly a Tennis Pro Player

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 11, 2020

    Sunday night, the first case of Coronavirus was diagnosed in Riverside County. The media said the patient was being treated at the Eisenhower med center in Rancho Mirage. However one local TV station reports that this person was actually at the Eisenhower medical center on Washington Blvd, in La Quinta." What's the difference? The subtle difference is that the illness apparently directly involved personnel at the BNP Tennis Open, now cancelled. "This is literally across the street from the India...

  • LA Marathon 2020 Crowds Far Smaller Than Last Years, as Runners Crossed Santa Monica Finish Line

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 11, 2020

    About half as many spectators came to watch runners cross the Los Angeles Marathon finish line in Santa Monica Sunday. This as the runners finish the race near Wilshire Blvd and Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. There was an online petition to cancel the marathon, due to coronavirus concerns. But despite this, many people did come to cheer on mom, dad, or big sister. Near the finish line are many thousands, but many fewer than in 2019. The event finishes about 1000 yards north of the Santa Monica Pi...

  • Police Car Chase Results In Shooting as Suspect Runs Across 5 Freeway

    Stan Greene, Observer staff writer|Mar 11, 2020

    A car chase across the 5 freeway in Sylmar and into the five freeway in Los Angeles resulted in sparks falling flying off the vehicle after it ran over spike strips. Then the driver pulled over on the right and ran across several lanes of freeway, onto the 14 freeway southbound where he was struck by at least one vehicle. The five freeway was closed in both directions for several hours after the chase ended at 10:15 PM Thursday night. He then fired at least one shot at Los Angeles county...

  • First Coronavirus Case Reported in Venice Beach, California on Thursday

    Janet McLaughlin, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 11, 2020

    A Venice man was infected with Coronavirus while on a skiing trip in Italy last week, his nephew posted Thursday on social media. We have edited the post only to remove the man's identity. It is below: "My uncle just tested positive for the coronavirus. He lives in Venice, CA. I've not been in direct contact with him, so we are not at risk from him, but I want to relay how the health department has managed his case. He was skiing in the Italian alps with 6 other guys. 4 of them, including my...

  • Brit Star Jonny Labey Caught Singing In The Rain In A Torrential Downpour During Lamo Footwear Shoot In Santa Monica.

    Christine Peake, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 11, 2020

    British triple threat actor, world class dancer and singer Jonny Labey was caught in an unusually bad down pour during a photo shoot for LAMO footwear, on what was one of California’s wettest days. Labey was shooting the LAMO footwear photos with fellow Brit Hollywood A-List publicist Christine Peake on Santa Monica's Montana Avenue where he popped in to get a hair cut at Esquire Barber Shop - home to Santa Monica's favorite, Vic The Barber. With his new shorn haircut, Labey was ready to s...

  • LA County Public Health Dept Declares A Local Emergency After Sixteen Coronavirus Cases Found

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 11, 2020

    The County of Los Angeles declared a public health emergency Wednesday morning, after the discovery of 16 Novel coronavirus cases. The director of public health also urged people not to boycott "Asia Pacific restaurants," and said LA County was concerned after, "the discovery of racial profiling." The County opened its Emergency Operations Center to "coordinate across different departments." All of the sixteen new cases were linked to one known exposure, i.e. one man who travelled to China....