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Articles from the January 22, 2024 edition

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  • Santa Monica City Council Explores Increased Parking Tax as Serious Parking Revenue Leak is Unaddressed

    Jon Berg, Special to the Observer|Jan 22, 2024

    These Observer pages have long chronicled decades of mismanagement by Santa Methica's governing bodies, the accumulated misdirection and incompetence having led the city to the death spiral in which it currently finds itself. However, there is likely agreement among not only Observer regulars, but, residents and tourists alike, that there is at least one thing in which Santa Methica has always excelled: terrorizing all who dare to drive a car here, by handing out very expensive tickets for expir...

  • Santa Monica City Council Should Respond Immediately to New California Densification Laws

    Arthur Jeon, Special to the Observer|Jan 22, 2024

    New state laws initiated January 1st are going to allow building up to 20 stories in Santa Monica and add 67,000 residents. Land use lawyers for developers have already begun pulling and resubmitting housing project plans to the City in order to take advantage of the huge increases in size allowed by the new law. What’s the vision for Santa Monica? Is it Miami Beach? Residents, read this excellent article that spells out what’s coming: (

  • US Citizens Warned Against Travel to Nicaragua; Ortega Regime Cancels 16 NGOs There; and Other Stories: Interamerican Watch Newsletter

    Interamerican Institute for Democracy|Jan 22, 2024

    Argentina Milei scolds the leaders in Davos: "The world is in danger, open the doors to socialism" He was received with enthusiasm in the heart of capitalism, the Davos forum, as a great defender of the market, a sacred word for the executives who filled the main room to bursting, something very unusual when a politician speaks. But, as soon as Javier Milei began to speak, faces quickly began to change. There was only timid applause at the end, many of it bewildered. The Argentine president crit...

  • Where to Get Details About Your Social Security Payment

    Rusty Gleer, Association of Mature American Citizens|Jan 22, 2024

    Ask Rusty – How Can I Get Details about My Social Security Payment? Dear Rusty: How do I find the actual breakdown of the Medicare insurance that I have auto deducted and my actual Social Security payment? I was just looking at a video which explained the 3% Cost of Living Adjustment we will be receiving this year, and it compared the current payout to the new payout. There seems to be a big difference in what I am getting and what they said in the video. Currently my Social Security payments a...

  • Problematic Raw Oysters from Mexico Cause Gastrointestinal Illnesses in 150 Individuals

    Los Angeles Department of Public Health|Jan 22, 2024

    UPDATE January 17: Public Health Warns Consumers About Eating Raw Oysters from Certain Areas of Mexico The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is reporting that there are more than 150 suspected local cases of gastrointestinal illness linked to the consumption of raw oysters, likely caused by norovirus. At this time, Public Health is warning consumers not to eat raw oysters from Laguna De Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Mexico; Laguna Manuela, Baja California, Mexico; and Bahia...

  • Consumer Alert: Fires Linked to Amazon-sold Dyson Replacement Batteries

    Then Counterfeit Report|Jan 22, 2024

    January 11, 2024, Los Angeles, CA – Consumers are advised to immediately stop using certain non-OEM Dyson replacement batteries sold on Amazon (AMZN). The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is alerting the public to the fire hazard associated with Zautnkn.Inc lithium-ion replacement battery packs linked to three fires and one injury, emphasizing that they do not meet safety standards. The CPSC urges consumers to remove these battery packs from their vacuums and dispose of them a...